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Christian, if you’ve forgotten how much grace you’ve received then imagine how your life would have turned out without it?


Regardless of how the vir – us came into existence, it was an answer to the dreams of globalists and power hungry politicians, and they can’t afford it to end until they’ve fully exploited it for their goals.


“Science isn’t what some government official says on a given day. It’s a method that relies on free speech, open debate, and skepticism.”


Comment on Matthew 25:1-13

The “virgins” represent Christians: Half are wise and the other half foolish. Only the wise Christians are ready to meet Jesus when He returns. And to the foolish Christians Jesus will say, “I don’t know you!” and they will be left behind and shut out of Heaven.

The foolish Christians’ light went out because they ran out of oil, a symbol of the Holy Spirit. Had they lived wisely, in communion with the Spirit, they would have had enough oil to keep their lamps burning bright and light their way. Any form of foolishness or neglectfulness toward God in Christians is sufficient grounds to receive a warning not to be one of the “foolish virgins”, who will be left behind when Jesus unexpectedly comes like a thief in the night. The parable is a warning not to be a foolish Christian, not to exchange your birthright for the flesh, like Esau did.

The designation the Lord gives is either “foolish” or “wise” Christian. We can judge ourselves as to which category we are in, so we won’t be judged.

“Afterward the other virgins came also, saying, ‘Lord, Lord, open to us!’

But he answered and said, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, I do not know you.’ “

(Matthew 25:11-12)


The whole parable hinges on this truth: the wise Christians knew the Lord Jesus, and the foolish ones didn’t.

If people don’t know the Lord, then He declares He doesn’t know them.

So, here we have the tension in this passage.

The foolish ones thought they knew Him because they called Him, Lord!

Yet they didn’t really know the Lord, even though they called Him, Lord!


We wouldn’t want to live this life as though this were the only life there is.


Things which might seem meaningful to us might not be so meaningful to Jesus Christ our Lord.

The meaning of something finds its true meaning in what it means to God.


How could Christ consider a church to be one of His churches when half, or more, of the members are not saved?

We live in a time when “Christian” or “church” can mean anything people want it to mean.


Non Christian friends: Whether the Gospel is true or not does not hinge on the life of any Christian you might know. It hinges on Jesus Christ, alone. It doesn’t stand or fall, or depend on the lives of Christians, whether good or bad, to confirm it.


One of the terrifying aspects of Hell is that those who are there are alone forever, with no one to talk to, and with only their memory and regret as company.


“Those who are wise shall shine Like the brightness of the firmament, And those who turn many to righteousness Like the stars forever and ever.” (Daniel 12:3)

May this be said of you and I, that we turned many to righteousness.


The fact that peoples lives are being spiritually destroyed shouldn’t depress us and bring us down so that our life is then destroyed along with theirs.


If you want eternal life, you can have it.

Jesus said, who ever believes on Him has eternal life.


Understand God’s word, and live by His instruction. This is how the good Shepherd leads His sheep: by His word.


How did you seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness today?


A true follower of Christ is never disadvantaged, no matter the circumstance.


The way the vir-us mutates it appears it’s not going away and will be a permanent fixture in society, as influenza is. Therefore everything should return to normal, and people should be helped to build their immune systems, and treatments such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloriquine/Zinc should be readily available over the counter. There is another very safe and effective treatment but we’re not allowed to mention it.

The only losers, then, will be power mad politicians and Big Pharma.

Everyone else will win.

Lockdowns can’t eliminate the vir – us any more than they could eliminate the flu or the common cold.


Natural healing or health remedies were created by God for that very purpose.

Who else?


I do hope there’s whitewater kayaking in Heaven, but won’t be disappointed if there’s not.

Eternity stretches on forever: a future with no end.

There’s no telling what new worlds God could or might create in the future.

Whatever the eternal future holds, it will be mind blowing.

He might decide to create a few more universes a trillion years from now. Or He might not.


Keeping tyrants out of government is the only justification a Christian needs to cast his/her vote.


Christ’s love for sinners is amazing because He hates their sinful way of life and condemns their lifestyle, yet He still desires they come to Him and be converted, and thus know His love.


If we can’t pray, then we have our first subject for prayer, so we need to pray that we can pray. And before we know it, we’re praying.


Christian, do you like the type of person you’re becoming?


Why are we warned not to take the mark if we won’t be here?

Tribulation means distress.

Sometimes Christians suffer distress/tribulation from the hand of man.

Sometimes the rebellious suffer distress/tribulation from the hand of God.

Those who don’t take the mark will suffer the former.

Those who take the mark will suffer the latter.


Sometimes it takes Christians a lifetime to learn that human glory amounts to nothing.


Could you imagine how the human race would be if there was no such concept as love?


Even Paul the Apostle said he had a flesh, and there was no good thing in it, and he denied the demands his flesh made. Are we more spiritual than he?


“You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” (1 John 4:4)

If we believe that He that is in us is greater than he who controls the people of the world, then why would we be intimidated or afraid of them when we have the greater One in us?


What if all Christians in institutional churches stood up and gently demanded that the NT pattern of church be considered and followed?


A true follower of Jesus Christ gets their life from Him. He gives them life. He sustains their life. Their life does not come from any other source.


Our prayer for each person is they be taught by God.

“…They shall all be taught by God…” (John 6:45)


If something is beautiful it’s because God decided it would be, and decided to give you the ability to understand that it is beautiful. Otherwise, you would never have known that it is beautiful.


The Bible is truly the word of God.

If you were God, wouldn’t you want your people to have all the truth they needed to know about you written down in a book written by you, so then they would definitively and surely know what you are like, what you promised, and what you require?

You wouldn’t want people to have their own imaginings about these things, or follow what others have imagined, rather, you would write it down and settle it once and for all, so all people can get the truth DIRECTLY from you, with no intermediaries.

That’s what God did.

Jesus said the whole Bible testifies of who He is.

He arranged for all the truth we need to know to be recorded for us.

So there’s no mistake what He meant and what He promised, and what He requires.

Someone might ask, If God gives His Spirit to all believers then there is no need for a Book?

But here’s the problem, you need the Book to know which is the Holy Spirit and which is another spirit. Otherwise, then, the truth becomes subjective, and it’s just whatever people feel it is.

The Holy Spirit wrote the Bible, so, obviously, He will point us to what He has written.

The Holy Spirit will never appeal to the Holy Spirit, but will appeal to the word of God which He inspired.

This is what Jesus taught: “It is written!”.

If it’s not “It is written”, then forget it.

How would we know that “God has spoken to us by His Son” if this truth were not written down and the text preserved till today?


The world will still be here tomorrow, but you or I may not be.

Be ready to stand before Jesus Christ.


Any practical life experience which helps us to learn to hear the voice of the Spirit is to be treasured.


Those who believe what Jesus said don’t need to see proof with their eyes.


That true Christians can survive and live in this present wicked world is a miracle of God’s grace, provision and protection.

And that they can thrive and succeed in doing the work of the Lord down here is an even greater miracle.


The Gospel is God’s gracious offer to you. He’s willing to forgive if you come to Him on His terms, and His terms are simple: repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Trust Him to save you. No longer trust in your own efforts or anything else. Faith without repentance is no faith.


We esteem our own souls precious, but what do we care about the souls of others?


A post-Christian society has thrown away its moral compass.

We are seeing new generations emerge which have no moral compass.

Of course, all humans have a moral code, but after the truth of Jesus Christ is rejected then that code is upside down, and evil becomes good, and good, evil.


The person who is complete in Christ does not become more complete by doing Jewish stuff.


The only real peace is that which Jesus Christ gives.

“He is our peace”.


Because the Lord Jesus Christ is the ultimate reality, the more we fellowship with Him the more real things become.


We’ve got to desire His sanctification more than the things He gives.


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