Today’s Tweets

Christian, it’s good to contemplate who the body of Christ is: people just like you, in every nation and ethnic group, and consider what things they’re facing today, and kind of stand together with them.


True servants of God are occupied with serving God. Everything is to that end.

False prophets and teachers are occupied with how to get people to give them money. Everything is to that end.


Pride is always unjustifiable.


Prayer rekindles our love for the Lord.


How we spend our time shows what we really believe.


Christian, does your spirituality include actually preaching the Gospel?

If not, that spirituality is a delusion.


In Afghanistan Christians are being butchered by Muslim extremists in the name of Allah.

It has been going on in Africa for years and barely anyone noticed.

It’s fair to say that life is cheaper in some places.


They should have evacuated all American citizens and at risk Afghans BEFORE evacuating the miltary.

And this is the same thing, they should have finished the border fence before offering amnesty to illegals.


I believe and know Jesus was telling the truth.

And I believe and know that those who don’t believe He was telling the truth will know that He was telling the truth after they die, but it will be too late.


Making yourself feel miserable will not help those in misery. They need you to be strong in faith and stand with them.

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