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Nutrition is FAR more important than vaccines.

As is exercise and fitness.


Covid jab protection wanes within 6 months – UK researchers.


“As the Aug. 31 evacuation deadline looms, millions of Afghans face the risk of starvation, disease, and human rights abuses.”


Vaccine mandates are not based on hard science, but are purely a pretext and a means to a political end, which is to force everyone to have some form of universal ID by which each individual’s life and everything they do can be monitored and fully controlled by the government.

So, the success of this plan hinges on how many have blind faith in the government.


“The vaccine debate really is not that complex. You either believe that the government should have full control of what is injected into you and your children, or you don’t. There are plenty of other things we can talk about, but the core is medical tyranny vs medical freedom.”

  • Dr Ben Tapper


Interesting point of view:

“Vaccination is not about health, it’s about giving every world citizen a QR-CODE and a Covid-19 passport, in order to be able to control them. Vaccination is part of the Great Reset, initiated by the Partners of the World Economic Forum.”


Woke ideology denies the basic human right or freedom of disagreeing with it.


How come it’s “Biden’s fault” and not the fault of those who voted for him?


The debacle in Afghanistan was partly caused by the naivety and rose colored glasses through which the Democrat party views Islam, as US Muslims support the Democrats. Biden has implied that the Taliban could be trusted to some extent. It’s dangerously naive.


Tremendous results with Ivermectin, to prevent severity taken prior to infection, and to treat infection.

Ivermectin dosage:
0.2 to 0.4 milliliter per kilogram of body weight

Also: Vit D and Zinc

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