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The word of God cannot be improved upon, so why look to certain people as if they have a better message than the message you read in your Bible?

There is only God’s word.

People are looking for teachers, but they already have God’s word in their hands.

They already have the message right before their eyes.

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.” (2 Tim. 4:3-4)

Teachers of the word are vitally important.

It is the searching for teachers to interpret the Bible the way you want it interpreted which is the problem we are warned of here in scripture.

It is the dependence on men to interpret scripture for you which indicates one is not taught by the Holy Spirit.


It’s not about who is right, it’s about whether the Bible, and the Jesus of the Bible, is right.


Is Jesus Christ giving you the victory over the present culture?


A true Christian believes Jesus Christ is completely trustworthy, therefore they don’t doubt His promises.

Doubting His promises means to doubt Him, which is to judge Him.


“An asteroid the size of a golf cart dubbed 2021 UA1 skimmed past the Earth last week at just 3,000 kilometers away from the planet, but no one noticed until later.”


People try to “improve” the Gospel by making it more acceptable and appealing to fallen human nature by leaving out the part about us repenting of our sinful life.


After being born again, and having experienced the new birth, you start relating to God as your Father, because He truly is.


Where there is moral decline what happens if the downward trend is not reversed?

How low can people go?

Does it level off eventually? Is there a moral rock bottom where people can’t get any more depraved than they are?

Look at history. Societies always end up being wiped out before they plumb the absolute depths of moral depravity.


See Hebrews verses 9:9 & 9:14, and note the use of the word “conscience” in both cases, and consider the application concerning the present state of your own conscience.


For the true Christian, the One who is with you, teaches and helps you, is the infinite, omnipotent and eternal One. The One who hears your prayer and who teaches you, and whom you call, Father, is the everlasting, infinite, almighty God.


How we respond to His word is the main indicator of our love for Him.

Jesus said, if we love Him we will keep His commands.

Therefore, much of the modern church “love” is quite phony.


At the very least, 134 million books have been published to date.

Untold billions of books have been printed.

That’s a lot of words. A lot of thoughts and opinions.

And all these words will pass away and be forgotten, forever.

All these authors will be forgotten. All their ideas, philosophies and concepts will be forgotten forever. Gone. They will not be remembered in the Kingdom of Christ.

But the word of God endures forever.

Over 5 billion copies of the Bible have been printed.

The printing press was invented for the purpose of printing the Bible.


Will you love the Lord Jesus above all else?


When we pass over into glory we’ll probably be shocked to learn how effective our prayers for others were.


If grace is “irresistible” then why are there so many warnings in scripture about resisting it?


Jesus gives meaning to our life because He is the meaning of life.

Have you discovered the true meaning of your life?


The growth of our faith in Christ hinges largely on whether the purpose of our life matches His purpose for our life.


You might as well have strong faith. What have you got to lose?

Do you have any good reason why you shouldn’t have strong faith?

Is there anything standing in the way of you having strong faith?


See each person as exceedingly precious and valuable.


Who is going to rule the world?

The nation with the most superior weapons and ambitious cold-blooded-killer leaders?

Will it be violent, killer regimes, who want to rule the world, which determine the future of this planet?


Someone asked, is the title of “Senior Pastor” right or wrong?

More important than the technical detail of having a title or position in a church is what people understand “senior pastor” or “pastor” means? Is their understanding Biblical, or based on church tradition?

If they think a man dubbed “the pastor” is the sole spiritual head or authority over a congregation, then that’s unbiblical and anti-biblical.

Who makes you a “senior pastor”? Do you appoint yourself as one? Or, who appoints you?

Then, if someone else appoints you, who appointed them to have the authority to appoint you?

In the letters to Titus and Timothy we see Apostolic “ordination” of plural elders in each church.

As the men had to be already teaching the body of Christ before being recognized as an elder/pastor/overseer, then, it’s not so much an “appointment to a position”, but rather the RECOGNITION of the gift of God which is already functioning without recognition.

In this way, yes, let’s recognize those who are teaching God’s word without seeking recognition, title, or recompense.


“Seek my face!

Thy face Lord will I seek”

Please define what it means to “seek the face of the LORD”.

What is the significance of “face”?

It’s not easy to put into words.

I guess it means, not to visualize in your mind what His face looks like, but to seek to know Him by contemplating His nature and attributes, as per scripture, with the desire to know Him better, and to know His will better, and to be more attentive to hear His voice.

Seeking His face suggests much more than seeking His help, aid, healing or material blessings, though, those things may happen as a result.

It is to seek first His Kingdom and righteousness before anything else and above all else.


Vitamin D is essential for a strong immune system, especially in protecting against respiratory infections such as Covid, and 90% of Vitamin D in the body comes from exposure to sunlight, and only 10% through diet or supplements. And, Vitamin D levels are lower in winter, when people get less sunlight.

Sunlight is free, it is a gift from God. It could save your life.

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