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It seems unbelievable that anyone would doubt Jesus Christ?


There’s a lot of creatures who flatly refuse to worship their Creator.

So many refuse to thank or praise Him.

They try to shut Him out of their minds completely.


If the reason someone dislikes another is because they teach what the Bible teaches, then, what does it say about them?


To become prominent in the “church system” one has to work the system and play by its rules, and a genuine person won’t do that.


Repentance is not salvation by good works. When one repents they don’t earn anything with God for doing it. To repent and believe is to simply receive His grace. The unrepentant decide not to receive His grace.

Faith is not a meritorious work, and repentance is a fruit of faith, so it’s also not a work. We can’t earn salvation through faith and repentance but we can receive it.

Faith and repentance are inseparable because they both describe the same state of the heart.

Salvation is conditional upon faith.

Faith, as a condition, does not mean it is a meritorious good work, of which we could boast or take credit for.

The condition is that one receives or accepts the promise.

The condition does not earn the promise.

If you won the lottery you wouldn’t be earning it by showing up to collect your prize.

But if you didn’t collect it, you wouldn’t have it.

And a person who boasted of the fact that they went down to claim their money would be a twit – You would say, you would have been an idiot not to.

So, meeting a condition does not imply that you have earned something.

Receiving a gift does not earn credit points. You just receive it.

And you must receive Jesus Christ.

God will help you, God will empower you, give you the desire, everything, but He won’t receive Jesus for you, and He won’t repent for you. You have to do it.

He holds you responsible for repenting and believing.

Where I think the main application today is, is that many view grace as an escape clause from responsibility.

I’ve heard people say that they are waiting for the Lord to deliver them from a besetting sin. And, they said, if they try to stop doing it then they are striving in the flesh and trying to earn their deliverance.

So, while it’s true that only the Lord can deliver us, He also asks us, When are you going to stop doing it?

‘Lord! When will you deliver me??’

Answer? ‘When will you stop doing it? Did you think I would do the repenting for you?’

The teaching that nothing you could ever do could cause Jesus to love you, or stop loving you (which is a half truth) often takes away the true, reverential fear of God.

Love is unconditional, but salvation is conditional upon faith, with the fruit of repentance.

The Sovereignty of God is one of the most fantastic truths we can be anchored in, and yet, many use it to justify their unwillingness to repent.


Salvation can’t be earned, but one can disqualify himself.

It’s ridiculous to claim that nothing you could ever do or believe could disqualify you from salvation.

Just as it’s ridiculous to think you can earn salvation.


Here’s what I think the guidelines are for the theology of salvation: You totally trust God’s grace in Christ for every aspect of your salvation, with nothing that you’ve done which you can glory in or take credit for, AND you realize God requires you to be faithful, and will judge you if you’re not, and you believe He would be totally just to do so. You give God the glory for your obedience, and you take full responsibility for any disobedience.

Perhaps 90% of the time theology is used wrongly, as a means to justify ones lifestyle.


The Bible teaches realism by telling you exactly what’s going to happen, so you can be prepared.


The Holy Spirit gives us the fruit of self control by empowering us to take control over our mind, flesh and the devil.

This is how Christ rules a person’s life, by giving them the power to rule their own life under His command.


Luther nailed his thesis to the door.

What’s amazing is that it wasn’t being done on every “church” door at the time.

Wherever Christianity has been hijacked by jokers, “nail your thesis to the door”, if you can.


“And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned. And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.” (Mark 16:15-18)

The Lord Jesus wants every person to hear the Good News.

Yet, we can’t tell every person we see or encounter.

But we can tell as moved by the Holy Spirit.

And, if someone is never moved by the Spirit to tell the Good News, there’s a problem.


Whatever thrill the world can give you it’s only temporary and doesn’t last, it doesnt feed your soul permanently, but Jesus eternally satisfies the human heart.



A principle of the Bible is that God is greater than the problems we face, and He wants us to believe that.


The command for us to love all people isn’t primarily for us to have gushing emotional love for everyone, but about us having a desire for them to be reconciled to God.


To my non-Christian friends, could you give me some quotes from the greatest Man who ever lived?

A bit funny if you can’t quote the greatest Man who ever lived.

Ask the youth, give me just one quote from the greatest Man who ever lived?

The greatest Man who ever lived is still alive.

How could people not believe the greatest Man who ever lived?


What if God decided to give you everything just for free, wouldn’t you be so thankful? Because that would be so good of Him to just give you everything when you don’t deserve it and can’t pay for it, right?

Well, that’s what He did when He sent His only begotten Son to die for you.

And that’s what God accomplished by that one sacrifice for us.


Give up a fundamental human right in order to keep your fundamental human rights??

Something’s fishy.

Your religion, beliefs, moral values, race, skin color, medical choices etc. are not the legitimate business of any government. Push back at the ballot box.


It’s clever of the New World Order to turn peoples personal beliefs concerning climate change, education, vaccine mandates, gender etc. into moral issues, and thus rendering the non-compliant ones as being morally wrong, and thus, through the back door initiating people into a new religion without them realizing it.


For what it’s worth, for those who ponder the big picture or grand scheme of things, and the meaning of history, Mike Pompeo recently tweeted that America is “exceptional” in its place in human history, meaning, there has been no other civilization in history quite like it, it stands out in many respects as the exception, to which I agree.

As to “greatness”, Christians have a very different criteria for judging it than the world does.

The doctrine of American Exceptualism should be tempered with this truth:

“In the measure that she glorified herself and lived luxuriously, in the same measure give her torment and sorrow; for she says in her heart, ‘I sit as queen, and am no widow, and will not see sorrow.’” (Rev. 18:7)

She believes she is immune from God’s judgment.


Christian, have we begun to understand the full inventory of God’s mercy upon us, in Christ Jesus, in having forgiven us of everything offensive to Him we’ve ever thought, said or done?


A little ‘experiment’ some brothers have done: They decided to teach and preach God’s word (in obedience to God’s call) and then decided they would do it, as much as they’re aware, by the examples and principles they see in the NT, so… they determined in their hearts:

  • To preach and teach for free, never expecting or looking for donations, and never merchandising.
  • To never claim to be anyone or anything, nor claim any title, and not to recognize titles others may give them.
  • To tell the raw, unvarnished truth, even if it costs them the loss of everything.
  • To never court privilege or advantage from influential people.
  • To treat everyone as equals, and even better than oneself.
  • To pay no regard to personal praise, but listen closely to any criticism and test whether it is true.
  • To never promote oneself.


And the ‘experiment’ seems to have worked well for those who have tried it.

Those who say it doesn’t work are not honest. They mean, they don’t want it to work because it ruins their dreams of making it big in the religion business.


God’s word is not man’s word.

Most prefer man’s word.


Contemporary “music” is quite a fitting soundtrack to the Apocalypse.


One very exciting aspect of prayer is that God answers it.


This life is a tiny blip on the timeline of eternity.


The great cure for discouragement is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

Discouragement will come, but this is the cure.


Would I be too harsh to say the average Christian now is like a spiritual zombie, just an empty shell: God doesn’t speak to them, or, if He does, they’re keeping it to themselves?

I don’t mean “God told me!” Nooooo… We don’t go there.

God speaking to us means we walk and live in the

The only authoritative “God told me” is scripture itself.


No wonder there’s not much New Testament type church today when so many are spiritually dead?

We can only understand the existence of the church in the New Testament in terms of a mighty move of the Holy Spirit.


True Christian faith is based…

  • on what Christ has done and accomplished on the Cross.
  • on the promises of God.
  • on what God said He WILL do, specifically.
  • on what God CAN do: that nothing is too hard for Him.


The moment a deluded person dies they are no longer deluded, but understand why they were deluded on earth, and will have to suffer the consequences forever.

Delusion must be self delusion, because everyone is accountable.


Grace is for every situation, every moment.

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