The Burbs

Just imagine there was a civilization on a planet light years away, let’s call them the Burbs, and they evolved out of a few chemical elements into a mighty race, building great cities. They went about their life for millenia, then, in one moment, an asteroid hit their planet and they all died. Because they had no soul, or spirit, when they died they ceased to exist. No one on earth knew they existed, so no one knew they had vanished, and there was no one to mourn their passing. They didn’t even know they had vanished because they no longer exist. And, whatever these people amounted to, or accomplished is gone now, and there’s no one even to care that they ever existed at all, because no one knows. It’s as if they never existed.

This is the worldview of the brainwashed generation today: that life has no meaning. And, even if someone thinks their life has meaning, so what, it will all soon disappear and be forgotten forever.

No wonder the youth of today are so depressed, having been brainwashed into this quasi religion.

Jesus Christ is the meaning of life because in Him is life.

No one else can give you life.

And He can define your life, a life which never ends, a life where everything about you and what you do has eternal purpose and meaning in relation to your Creator.

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