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The Lord’s Prayer is a summary of the Christian life, and Jesus said it is the way to pray.


Put your faith completely in Jesus Christ.


God’s power is unlimited.

The power He gives to do His will is unlimited.

If you’re doing God’s will it is by His unlimited power you are doing it.

God expects and requires man to do His will only by His power.

That power to do His will is an unlimited power.

The main thing is to do His will by His unlimited power.

His power is not available for things which aren’t His will.


“And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their preappointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings, so that they should seek the Lord, in the hope that they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us” (Acts 17:26-27)

He is not far from anyone in the sense that He calls all to repent and come to Him right now, He is only a prayer away, but He is far in the sense there is a great chasm separating a sinner from a Holy God, and Jesus is the only bridge over that chasm.

So near, and yet so far.

Mankind’s times and boundaries are “preappointed” “so that they should seek the Lord”.


It has become that the objection to evil is “hate”, but the evil itself is not hate.


Things are no longer merely political, they are ideological.


“On average, every single star you see at night has a planet going around it”

We look up and we see stars.

We don’t realize there’s likely more planets up there than stars. There’s zillions of little worlds up there.

God is so great.


Are hate crimes worse than regular crimes?

If someone commits a crime, how does whether or not they had hate as their motivation have any bearing on the magnitude of the offence?


A “reality church” would be one where the real issues each member faces in real life are addressed, and they’re equipped to be more than a conqueror in Christ in whatever circumstance they find themselves.

It’s a real life church. That’s why it’s relational and open dialogue, not a traditional service.

The validity or credibility of a church is proportional to the reality of Christ in the daily lives of those who attend.


The priorities of any individual, family, church, society or political party reveal their true nature.


A very common error is to compare yourself with vicious criminals and then surmise that you’re a good person in comparison to such people, and then assume you’re going to Heaven because, in comparison, you feel you’re a good person.


Talk to God.


Make sure your thoughts, inner desires of the heart, motives, words and actions are beautiful in the sight of God.


“…People are afraid to call it what it is…”

Afraid of the higher powers who decide what is politically correct?


Is there any moment of this brief life when you wouldn’t want to be looking to the Lord Jesus Christ?


Walking in the light means seeing the reality and true nature of things as God sees it, because the light of God’s word and Spirit has illuminated it. If a person walks in darkness they don’t see things as God sees them.

You might never have seen people as God sees them until the light of the truth shines. You would never have seen yourself and your inner life as God sees it unless His light had revealed it. And when God shines His light in our heart we see Jesus Christ as He really is, scripture says.

This is partly what it means to walk in the light.

“For it is the God who commanded light to shine out of darkness, who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.” (2 Cor. 4:6)


Every day is one day closer to the return of Jesus Christ.

Yeah, He said He is coming back. I believe Him.


If you want to understand the Middle East you need to understand the Bible is the history, present and future of the Jewish people. Don’t believe revisionist versions of history.


Jesus Christ is willing to forgive.

Are you willing to believe Him?


Now, why would you mock a blind man for being blind?

Think of the spiritual application.


The meltdown of American society is directly attributable to the influence of Left wing ideology which rejects Biblical precepts.


To the Christian who is thinking of getting married: twenty, thirty or forty years from now the only thing which will matter is, does your spouse know the Lord Jesus and walk with Him? If so, it will be glorious, and your spouse will be the greatest blessing. This is the main thing you need to be sure of before embarking on marriage.


I believe in Deconstruction.

We deconstruct the Liberal “Christian” narrative.

The deconstruction of Christendom is great IF it means you arrive back at the origin of Christianity, to the teaching and example of the Apostles.

But that’s not what they have in mind.


It’s a shame so many celebrate Jesus’ birth but don’t believe what He said.


We live our life as though we think it just goes on forever, yet it’s wise to consider that it doesn’t – it’s very wise to come to terms with our mortality and be prepared to meet our Maker today.

Surely you can be ready to die and still enjoy your life?

Or, does ones enjoyment of life depend on the denial of the fact that one must give an account to ones Maker?


Romans chapter 1 explains that the natural state of man is to be deluded about God.

But God’s word penetrates into that delusion bringing light.


The true Holy Spirit in us says ‘Amen!’ to every verse of the Bible because He inspired every verse of it.


God commands obedience to Himself.

Some may struggle with that, perhaps, because they are comparing God with man.

But unless we acknowledge He is right, holy and just to command obedience to Himself we can never know who He is.

We would perhaps settle for a god made in the image of man.

In the invitation to agree with Him is the invitation to be His children.

You wouldn’t want to miss out.


We are commanded to obey God, but never to glory in the fact that we did.

Prayer should be taken as seriously as we take God.

How seriously should you take God?


“When normal people are treated like freaks”

The new normal.


“…People have been more willing to give up power to government than any time in American history.”


If God is truly your Father, through Jesus Christ, then, surely, you believe your Father cares for you?


Disciples represent Jesus Christ to the world as His ambassadors.

(See 2 Cor. 5:20)


For a disciple of Jesus, what does it mean to be ‘worldly’?

It starts by neglecting prayer.

Neglect of prayer means something has taken its place.

Something of this world has taken the place of prayer, and thus we become worldly.


“Scanning a code to prove you are an obedient and compliant member of society may become a permanent feature of life”

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