The birth of Christianity

Last night we read Acts chapter 2. Quite a chapter! The birth of Christianity in one single day. How? The Holy Spirit came. In one day a community of over 3000 people was created. And not just any community but a true brotherhood of love. Love prevailed. People ate together, helped one another, met together to hear the word of God daily. It happened spontaneously because it was the effect of the Holy Spirit. There was a colony of Heaven here on earth. A microcosm or model of the perfect society – a society of love. No need to sing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’. Nothing needed to be imagined, the Kingdom of Christ Jesus had come in power and transformed thousands into children of God, living in righteousness, love and holiness before God and one another.

The Holy Spirit is still here on earth. What do you think? Has He changed?

The birth of Christianity described in Acts 2 can’t be attributed to the natural ability, skill, knowledge or oratory of the Apostles. It can only be attributed to a “rushing mighty wind” of the Spirit.

If Christianity was birthed this way it can only advance this same way.

One Response to “The birth of Christianity”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    My main point regarding Acts chapter 2 is the birth of Christianity is solely attributable to the mighty supernatural power and conviction of the Holy Spirit, and not the skills, cleverness or high sounding speeches of men.

    We must have absolute faith in this same power today and not faith in our abilities or pervasive convincing speeches.

    We must not trust or lean on the arm of the flesh.

    The Gospel is the power of God.

    Anything which weakens our preaching of it is our enemy.

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