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After being in the presence of God you can never be impressed being in the presence of anyone else.


Guilt is the driving force behind man made religion.


The word of God reveals precisely and unequivocally where we stand before God.


Everywhere Jesus went there were people who screamed out because they were demon possessed, and He cast them out.

Nowadays, the demons are still there in people, yet they don’t scream out, and rarely are they cast out.

What changed?

We changed.

When they see us they don’t feel they’re in any danger of being cast out.


To trust Jesus Christ is enough. He will take care of everything.

And, obedience is the fruit of trust.

Cause and effect.


Christian, when you meet someone do you see into their soul and consider them precious?


A true disciple lives only by the word and standards of his Master. He cannot serve another master.


Do you feel a spiritual connection and affinity with all the people of God around the world?


If Christians could understand that Scripture is the only spiritual authority and arbiter of truth then the whole church landscape would change, and the way Christians approach how they do church would change markedly.

Only the text has authority, not the person teaching the text.

A child could be teaching the text, and the text itself would carry the same weight as if a celebrity preacher were teaching it.

Whoever the preacher or teacher is has no bearing on the authority of the text.

This is rarely recognized.


God has listened to a lot of prayers over the last 6000 years.

No doubt, He has answered a lot of them.


Prayer is about what God can do.

It’s amazing.


If anyone really, really wants to do God’s will, then, hey, He will be in that all the way.

Slightly related:

” If anyone wills to do His will, he shall know concerning the doctrine, whether it is from God or whether I speak on My own authority.” (John 7:17)


The Bible teaches that every human shares a common ancestor, so every person is related by blood.

This is the cure for racism.

You cannot accuse Jesus of being racist. The Bible says there will be representatives from every tribe and ethnicity in Heaven. He died for the whole human race. He commands all to repent and believe the Good News.


Get alone in the quiet and just be still, and ask yourself, Am I just a piece of meat? Or do I have a spirit in me?

Are there any other possibilities?

Either you are merely a physical organism, or you are a physical organism which possesses a spirit, and that spirit continues to exist after your physical body is gone.

Any other options here?


Is cancelling people you disagree with really necessary? Why not just ignore them?

Cancel culture: Are you going to cancel everyone who has said “Jesus Christ!” as a cuss word, knowing this is extremely offensive to Christians and infringes on their community standards? Which group has the right to be offended and which group doesn’t?



“Censorship paves the way for dictatorship.”


Nearly every month or so an asteroid has a “near miss” encounter with earth. Any of these could totally change life on earth if they hit.

Nearly every month the Jerusalem Post on Twitter makes such reports.

It could happen.

There’s something like that mentioned in the Book of Revelation

In fact, it periodically does happen, so, it is the mercy of God it hasn’t happened lately.


Peaceful protest is great, but voting is where it counts.

How did such losers get into power?

If governments can force you to be injected against your will, then what else can they do to you against your will? Implant a chip under your skin?


“Weird how the press covers riots as if they’re mostly peaceful protests and covers mostly peaceful protests as if they’re riots”


If the athletes at the games think they’re being treated roughly or unfairly, perhaps they could consider that only blocks away from where they’re staying political prisoners are being tortured.

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