On turning 60

Thoughts on reaching 60.

My life began when I was 24.

My life before that, that was someone else, a lost soul.

I was living, but dead while I lived.

Jesus revealed Himself to me when I was 24. He made me a new person.

I first came to India when I was 27.

Got married to Sheela when I was 35.

Turned grey by 40 because of driving in India. I kid you not. Those days it was the wild west.

We raised 7 wonderful kids, and a few others whom we are still in touch with.

Often our house would be full with visitors staying over and people passing through.

Sometimes we didn’t know where our next meal would be coming from.

But our Father brought us through.

When we’re young, 60 seems way too old.

When we’re 70, 60 seems quite youthful.

For me, I stopped thinking about my age when I was 24.

From then I’ve lived in eternity, knowing I will live forever with my Father and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Since 24 I’ve had perfect peace every day, even in suffering.

God made the peace by slaying His Son, as a bloody human sacrifice for my sins, thus removing the barrier between Him and me, forever.

I look forward to the future with a glorious hope.

Jesus said, as you see these things happening, that is, the destruction of the world, Look up! For your redemption draws near.

That’s the real life.

Not “The Matrix” which people in the world merely exist in from day to day.

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