Ideological War

“Sociologists define ideology as “cultural beliefs that justify particular social arrangements, including patterns of inequality.”[54] Dominant groups use these sets of cultural beliefs and practices to justify the systems of inequality that maintain their group’s social power over non-dominant groups. Ideologies use a society’s symbol system to organize social relations in a hierarchy, with some social identities being superior to other social identities, which are considered inferior. The dominant ideology in a society is passed along through the society’s major social institutions, such as the media, the family, education, and religion.[55] As societies changed throughout history, so did the ideologies that justified systems of inequality.[54]” – Wikipedia

We are seeing an ideological battle between Woke liberals and Conservatives.

Woke is aggressively trying to become the dominant ideology through government control and political propaganda in the media.

Ideology becomes indistinct from politics, they merge into one.

For example, the current controversy over gender is an ideological issue.

But some people object to having an ideology forced upon them.

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