Today’s Tweets

“Why have young men become more violent?”

“Why is mental illness in children rapidly increasing?”

“Why are drug overdoses increasing?”

“Why are suicides increasing?”

Only the Gospel has the real answer to these questions.


What’s going to reverse the trend of ever increasing violence, drug addiction, overdoses, suicides, mental illness, shootings, divorce, rape etc… ??

Will more Liberal indoctrination help?

Isn’t it the cause?

And, if the current trend continues, aren’t you looking at a total collapse of society?

Only the Gospel of Jesus Christ addresses the root causes of evil.

The rest is a Disprin or a Band-Aid.

More Liberal indoctrination only makes it worse.


If the rule of law were upheld then people would feel less of a need to arm themselves for self defence.

The rule of law is not enforced because then the criminals will make a political issue of it by saying they are being discriminated against.


As individuals are transformed by Jesus Christ, one by one, only then are families and communities progressively transformed.


We are accountable for what God has given us.

If He had given us nothing, we would be accountable for nothing.

Accountability or responsibility implies someone has been given something to be responsible for.


You are our joy, LORD.

We are your people forever, LORD.


Who is Klaus Schwab?

Why should you believe or do what he says?


According to modern political correctness , any speech which offends the religion or sexuality of another is hate speech.

Therefore, to say ‘Jesus!’ as an expletive would be hate speech because it is offensive to Christians.

So…. here is the great contradiction: Everyone has a right to be offended, except Christians.



If you’re willing, God will have a work for you, every single day.


What’s so great about gold? It’s only great because people think it is, but thinking that something is great doesn’t, in itself, make something great.


Confusion happens in Christian discourse when each holds a differing definition of the terms and the terms are not clearly defined.


To know Jesus Christ is to truly live.

The quality of our life is in the measure we know Him.


The great crime of religious Babylon (Rev. 17) is she has misrepresented Jesus Christ to the world. What she has built and what she does, does not represent Him.

How would you like someone to misrepresent you?


We are witnessing the centralization and shift of power at every level, from local to national, to international, and ultimately toward global governance.


In a perfect marriage of wills, His business becomes our business, His desires become our desires, His joy becomes our joy, His purpose becomes our purpose, and His will becomes our will.


Has anyone other than Jesus claimed to be the Savior of the world?

It would be a joke if anyone other than Him claimed this.


What do you want God to do for you?

First acknowledge how much He is already doing for you.

Acknowledge Christ died for you.


Why would it offend you to hear of Heaven and Hell if these places don’t exist?

The doctrine of Heaven and Hell was/is a central teaching of Jesus of Nazareth.

I believe Him.


It’s the highest honor and privilege to go in His name, the name above every name, Jesus Christ.


Someone fully mature in Christ will never seek even the slightest recognition or glory from man.


If you’re in the religious system, how do you know you’re not a product of the system?


How do you respect your fellow man?

Does it mean you must approve of their values, beliefs or actions?

Or, is human worth and dignity intrinsically deeper than these things?


Two kinds of attitudes people have toward God:

  • That He is good
  • That He is a hard taskmaster


The single most unifying force to bring despotic regimes together will be their common hatred for Israel.


Government health advertisement:

“Don’t be ashamed you are using (drugs), be empowered that you are using safely.”

This is modern “education”. It points to the real problem, which is Liberal indoctrination of children. And it’s certainly a religion being pushed on these kids. They are being told that there is nothing to be ashamed about becoming a drug addict, but rather, you can be proud that you are. By what moral authority are they moralizing? This is a bizarre cultic doctrine.


A Christian faces an onslaught of evil, yet Christ dwells in his heart, and this is how he faces it.


The concept of truth only exists because God exists.


How could we begin to catalogue all the suffering, violence and injustice in the world today?

But we must at least be aware of what our fellow man is going through.


The early church did great things because they were filled with the Holy Spirit, and not because they were great people.


What good is all the knowledge in the world if you don’t know God?


Jesus can give you a good life here and now, and a spectacular life for all eternity.

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