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There’s always more than enough grace supplied to do the Lord’s will.


Everything is by His grace, and there never is a valid excuse for disobedience.

Keep these two truths in mind and you’re safe.

That is, grace cannot be put forward as an excuse for disobedience. The disobedient can’t find comfort in grace.


The last two years has seen both the introduction of the experimental mRNA and a dramatic rise in sudden unexplained deaths among healthy individuals.


Babylon can’t be the world system because it’s the world which turns against it and destroys it.

(See Rev. 17:16-18)

And, by a process of elimination we can get an idea of what Babylon is, as its judgment is still pending.

So, which is the most powerful nation on earth which also claims to be Christian?

Eliminate the nations which don’t fit the bill and what are you left with?


Someone was sharing how they visited a third world nation and the church congregations were not able to understand any teaching from scripture, but they loved to dance.

Compare with the churches in the first century, when they got letters sent to them from the Apostles (the NT epistles) and were expected to understand what was written and put those truths into practice?


If something in Christianity contradicts the truth of scripture, then that thing will depend on ignorance of scripture to be sustained. There will need to be enough ignorant people to keep it going.

And, by its nature, any such thing propagates ignorance, and is in turn sustained by ignorance – and thus is a vicious circle.


Humans spend their short lives searching for happiness, and, even if they do find it, it’s only momentary.


If doing yoga or meditating could give you peace then so could drugs or alcohol, if you define “peace” as a feeling.

The Bible defines peace differently, as the state of a relationship between two persons. These persons are either at peace with one another, or at enmity.

Jesus made peace between God and men by paying the price for all sin when He died, removing the enmity between God and man.

So, true peace is when God is at peace with you, and you accept and believe this fact.

He is our peace.

The worst state a person can be in is when demons give them a false peace and they think it is God.

The devil always tries to impersonate God or take His place.

That’s the deepest delusion, when a person serves demons but thinks they are serving God.

And demons can give people ecstatic trances and feelings of peace and love.


Even if you can’t find fellowship you can fellowship with God right now.


An appointment we will all keep:

“…For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.”

(Romans 14:10b)


Encouragement is something which increases courage.


If the UN declared today as “Stand On Your Head Day” you’d probably see people trying to stand on their heads, or at least wishing everyone a happy Stand On Your Head Day.

Generally, people seem okay with the concept that some fellow somewhere decides for them what they should celebrate and on what day they should celebrate it.

Dumbing down of society?


With any Christian doctrine, if you have to ignore or even cancel out a bunch of scriptures to make the doctrine “work” then it’s a false doctrine.


With natural remedies you’re not taking away your faith from God and putting it on the remedy if you’re simply acknowledging that God provided the remedy, and then gave you the wisdom to use it.


Everything bears fruit after it’s own kind.

For example, we can know whether we are using our time wisely by the fruit which is borne from how we are using our time.


Christians don’t tolerate the blaspheming of Jesus name, but they forgive and pray for the blasphemer. Just because we don’t hate people for doing it doesn’t mean we tolerate it.


God gave His Son.

The Son gave His life.

The disciples gave their life for the Son.

This is about giving.

Giving is an incredible phenomenon.

In giving our time, our consideration, our possessions, our love, for another, we are giving something of ourself – we are giving a portion of our life to them.

And such are giving a portion of their life to us.

“Love does not seek it’s own.” (1 Cor. 13:5)


One man reads a portion of scripture and he’s bored.

Another man reads that same portion and he’s filled with wonder.


In our joy let’s not forget those who are suffering.


From last Sunday:

May everyone have a blessed time of fellowship today as brothers and sisters in Christ.

“Even so you, since you are zealous for spiritual gifts, let it be for the edification of the church that you seek to excel.” (1 Cor. 14:12)

Spiritual gifts were used during the church meeting.

It presumes everyone was free to use their gift.

It totally rules out a traditional church service.

If a word which a brother or sister shares (being scripture truth) builds up your faith, reveals Jesus, encourages you, disciplines you, brings the fear of God, brings light or clarity etc. THEN THAT IS A SPIRITUAL GIFT which is operating.


At any given point of time a large portion of the human race is witnessing either sunrise or sunset. Right now, for instance, the sun is rising upon billions of people.

How many of them rise to meet the day by seeking the LORD?

How many acknowledge Him?

How many truly express their thanks to Him?

Would we be wrong in assuming the majority try to shut Him out of their minds completely?


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