Today’s Tweets

True Christians have an acute sense of justice, but they have to restrain themselves from being the executors of it.


Self-glory will one day be shame, so better to drop that nonsense.


The Holy Spirit produces much better fruit than we ever could.


God is love.

So, if you want to experience what love really is, you’ll need to experience God.


True Christians are really looking forward to Jesus’ return.

This world has passed its use by date.


If we have not been seeking the LORD with all our heart, that’s something we need to repent of and ask His forgiveness.

Seeking His face goes way beyond duty or spiritual maintenance.

Yet, a sense of duty to God is a good thing, and essential.


Nearly every commercial preacher today is humanistic and anthropocentic, not Christocentric.

It has to be that way, otherwise they won’t be a commercial success.


If God didn’t give us this day our daily bread we would starve.


There’s a difference between allegiance to a religion and allegiance to The King.


Love is something most humans can relate to and want.

God didn’t create love.

God is love, the scriptures say.

But love is not God.

God is personal, not pantheistic.

God created all things, but those things aren’t God.

God loved a world which does not love Him, the scriptures say.

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