A person who travels to the other side of the world to get into a room and experience God may be sincere and may have a genuine spiritual hunger, but unfortunately they’re blind and deaf to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. However, if in going there they did finally come to understand and believe the Gospel, it would be worth it.


The topic of Revival is trending.

Would you say your own prayer life could be described as a personal Revival?


As Christians become more superficial their concept of revival becomes more superficial.


If some came into a Christian gathering and claimed they felt God’s presence, and this affected their emotions, such as they began sobbing, or trembling, or felt loved, or felt convicted of their sins: this, in itself, does not contradict the Gospel, and is no basis for assuming it is a deceptive spirit. If we assume that all spiritual experiences must be of the devil then we are the ones deceived.

However, beyond this, there are many experiential manifestations which are from deceiving spirits.

There’s two camps of deception:

a. The false spirit people (they have no discernment)

b. The anti-Holy Spirit people (they have taken discernment too far and falsely discerned)


Feeling God’s presence is one thing.

Making it into a doctrine is another.

Drawing the wrong conclusions is another.

Building your faith upon a feeling is another.

Yet it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to feel God’s presence at times.

Of course, feeling God’s presence has virtually nothing to do with His actual presence.


Is the Asbury Revival a “genuine move of the Spirit of God”?

Yes and No.

In those who are genuine, it is.

And in those who are not genuine, it’s not.

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