l. It’s about Jesus and His Father, ALONE

One day soon every eye shall see Jesus Christ appearing in the sky returning to earth, and all will see Him on His judgment throne, at the right hand of His Father.

This blog is about Him, exclusively. Is there anything else?

Ian Vincent

Central India,

Oct. 11, 2007

One Response to “l. It’s about Jesus and His Father, ALONE”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    The very instant the LORD Jesus splits the sky, like lightning from the east to the west, then everyone will instantly understand that all the bible was about this Person.

    And every inhabitant of the earth will know in an instant that Jesus is the reason the world exists and that He alone is the meaning of life on earth.

    On that day many Christians will weep, when they realize their whole life was distracted and diverted away from focusing on and proclaiming this Person, and teaching others His teachings, whom they now see with their own eyes.

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