e. KJ2000

KJV2000.  I’ve just stumbled upon this version, i think it’s very good. It’s the KJV minus the thees and thous. What thinkest thou? Likest thou this?

It’s  free on e-sword, whereas the NKJV is not free.

To get it on your computer first download e-sword :


Then go to this link to download the KJ2000 :


If you have the latest version of eSword then click this:


At this link there is some information on the KJ2000 by the editor, Robert A. Couric :



4 Responses to “e. KJ2000”

  1. Wes Buchanan Says:

    Thank you very much for these instructions. I discovered KJ2000 in a Bible app for my Motorola Droid. But I have had trouble downloading it to my PCs.

    Your instructions worked great for my net book with Windows 7 starter. I did not have eSword on it before.

    I have not been successful trying to download it to eSword on Vista. I deleted eSword and its associated files. I downloaded eSword to Vista to get the latest version. But no success when I followed your excellent instructions. Have others had the same problem? Any advice?

    I am also be looking for an hardback copy of the KJ2000. Do you know of a source?

    Again, I thank our Lord for you and Dr. Couric for this wonderful, trustworthy translation.


  2. ian vincent Says:

    Welcome, brother!

    “The Bible League” in Chicago has published it.

  3. ian vincent Says:

    For the last two years i’ve primarily been using the NKJV and the KJ2000.

    I bought several large print NKJVs which are easy for me to read and i enjoy them very much. I leave one in the car and one on the coffee table.

    But on the computer i have the KJ2000 bcos it is free to download.

    On the computer i also have the KJ3 and the AKJV (American King James Version) and the KJV.

  4. ian vincent Says:

    Haven’t used KJ2000 in many years cos it’s not available.

    I presently use the NKJV in giant print and refer to the KJV and Interlinear Greek.

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