g. EXPELLED! Full movie *recommended*

November 20, 2008

Yesterday, was thinking about the absurdity of evolutionary theory, particularly: If, for example, you take any organ within a mammal (and consider that the whole body system requires virtually all of the multitude of organs to be functioning together correctly for the mammal to live) ; each organ is a system within a system. For a single organ to mutate its way to the point that it would actually begin to work (to live and be viable) would require millions of individual mutations, AND in the correct sequence, IF it were possible to happen (but it’s impossible).

Here is the full movie of Expelled! No intelligence allowed :


6 Responses to “g. EXPELLED! Full movie *recommended*”

  1. ianvincent Says:

    He hits the nail on the head, that is, refuting the mind bogglingly ridiculous notion that random mutations, which in nature are always malevolent, are responsible for every intricate engineered design in nature and also by noting that with mutations no new genetic information is generated.

  2. ianvincent Says:

    If you take any system in the human body, how many evolutionary ‘steps’ / mutations did it take for just one system or organ to become what it is and actually begin functioning? Thousands, if not millions of steps. BUT even after a few thousand perfectly in sequence random mutations, the probability of which is off the scale of probability, you still don’t have a functioning system or organ, and therefore you don’t have a living person to begin with.

  3. ianvincent Says:

    I’m still harping on about this: Try this, with every single characteristic of an organism, down to the minutest and most intricate detail, like DNA and chromosomes, Blood cells, nervous system components, hormones.. you name it : over every single separate feature stamp: ‘ RANDOM MUTATION ‘.

    It doesn’t work, eh. They must have been doing a lot of mutating eh, for every million or so useless mutations there’s, bingo, a beneficial or desirable one which pops up. But the one-in-a-million good mutation still has the odds stacked against it bcos it has to be in perfect sequence so that it comes at the right time to fit into the order of the system.

    But having a mutation appear on your body doesn’t change your genes and therefore is not passed on, unless that genetic information was already there, so there’s no truth to the theory of evolution to begin with.

  4. ianvincent Says:

    How do you mutate a thought – thought processes – the ability to think? How does a moral conscience mutate? At what point in the evolution of humans was the very first mutation of a conscience, of right and wrong?

    The awe that one experiences when observing the vastness and beauty of the universe, when did that awe mutate? What a wonderful piece of meat the brain is!

    From jello in the primordial soup to conscience – what a journey!

  5. ian vincent Says:

    Here is the full movie of Expelled! No intelligence allowed.

    Or in parts:

  6. ian vincent Says:

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