The object of the Father’s love

February 17, 2020

Jesus said to His Father:


“…You loved Me before the foundation of the world.”


John 17:24b


Before God created humanity, whom did He love?


He loved His Son.


And, here, just prior to His crucifixion, the Son explains that He knows His Father loves Him.


From eternity, the object of the Father’s love has been His Son.

What’s with that?

February 17, 2020

Why would someone want Jesus to forgive them but not want Him to deliver them from all their sins?

Real and unreal

February 17, 2020

In John 17 Jesus said He will sanctify us, that is, separate us from everything alien to God’s nature, so we only have Him.


And this is progressive. Jesus becomes more real, and His ways more real, and the world becomes more unreal, fake and surreal.

Kingdom and His nature

February 16, 2020

We can’t separate the Christian life from the Kingdom of Christ the King.


When we read the Gospels we realize that every command and teaching of Jesus, ethically and morally, is a reflection of His nature.


Then we see the commands He gave through His Apostles to the churches, as to their function, order and purpose, and we see the same thing: it’s all a reflection of who Jesus is, revealing His nature.


That’s what it was always supposed to be.


And that’s why its so bad to veer away from those directions and standards.


Surely, if something is His body, then, it’s a lot like Him in its nature.


And when His nature is revealed or manifested in His people then surely His Kingdom is within and among us.

Be courageous

February 16, 2020

Someone’s courage can rub off on you and you’re en-couraged.

If you’re courageous, others will take en-couragement.

No problem

February 16, 2020

Regarding the fake news of an African pastor offering to raise Kobe Bryant from the dead for 50 million dollars, that’s easy to deal with, you just tell the pastor to raise him from the dead, first, before he receives payment.

Problem solved.

Concerning stupid concepts

February 16, 2020

It’s healthy and normal to think the concept of something is stupid, if it is stupid, while you don’t consider the people who do it as stupid, and you acknowledge their freedom to do it, if it’s not sinful.


February 16, 2020

A set back, if handled with faith and trust, will propel you forward in God.


February 15, 2020

The joy we have as Christians is the effect of God having joy in us.

It’s way past political

February 14, 2020

America is going to vote on the issue of abortions up to birth.


It’s way past being political, it’s pure evil.

How to recognize a hijacking

February 14, 2020

There is true revival and counterfeit revival.


In any true move of God you can be sure the devil will do all in his power to stop it.


The devil knows he can’t stop it by force.


But he knows that if he can fool people into thinking demonic manifestations are from the Holy Spirit then he has control, and no one will judge those fake manifestations because they are afraid of blaspheming the Holy Spirit.


This is how the devil hijacks a true revival.


Here are three elements of a true revival:


– The holy fear of God.


– True repentance and holiness.


– The baptism of love. And much more than mere emotions, but a true oneness, having all things in common.


February 14, 2020

When we entrust all our matters to our Father it means we believe He has Sovereign authority over all things, and this honors Him.

Different kind of people

February 13, 2020

Paul said he never coveted anyone’s silver or gold, but there’s not one prosperity preacher who can truthfully say that.


February 13, 2020

With the joy of the Lord in your heart you find joy in even the most, seemingly, insignificant things.

Chasing an illusion

February 13, 2020

Chasing an illusion….


This is where many of us used to be years ago.


And many more are still there.

Don’t be naive

February 13, 2020

God can give visions of the future, and so can the devil. God can give supernatural revelation about hidden things in people’s lives, and so can the devil.


So, these things alone don’t prove if someone is from God or the devil.


But many are too naive about this.


Now, if a true Christian receives visions of the future, or, what is known as, words of knowledge, they will never USE that to try and convince people of what they think is their spiritual authority. They will never suggest that people should accept what they teach on the basis of these supernatural things. That’s the way the devil works, not God’s children.


That’s why the false prophets, when they seem to get it right (forgetting all their failed prophecies) always blow their own trumpet and advertise themselves furiously on social media. They’ve hit the jackpot, and now more naive people will follow them.

The power of money?

February 12, 2020

It should be obvious, that money can’t be used as leverage in the Kingdom: true saints can’t be bought at any price: true friendship and relationship is not bought, a financial relationship is no relationship, and God can’t be bribed, nor does He do deals.

A pure heart

February 11, 2020

“Blessed are the pure in heart, For they shall see God.” Matthew 5:8


So, a pure heart is the only eye through which we can see God.


And an impure heart is certain blindness.


The only true spiritual vision we need is to see Jesus, by faith, in the Spirit.


And this true spiritual vision is exclusively for the pure in heart.


All esoteric methods of finding God are useless.


“Pure”  means without mixture. The heart motive is pure when we seek His glory alone and not our glory, and when we seek His will and not our selfish will, and when we delight in what He delights in and hate what He hates.


A pure heart is a heart which is like God’s own heart.


So, therefore to desire and seek for Jesus to purify our hearts is surely to be sought after with faith and diligence.


Many are seeking everything except this.

The neurotic time

February 11, 2020

As I scroll down Facebook I see a near constant steam of black guys and gals on LIVE feed “prophesying” to me, or, presumably to someone out there.

Of course, it’s not real prophecy, they are “phishing” for money. And it seems to be exponentially increasing as a copy-cat behavior. Usually they are so brash you might think they’re on drugs. The message is always the same, though. God is going to bless you soon, whoever you are.

Shallow people are constantly searching for someone to tell them everything’s gonna be okay, because God’s word is not enough for them.

Everything’s gonna be okay cos I just watched Joel Osteen and he told me it will…

Then a total stranger dude from Africa decreed to me that all will be well, so now I can have peace……..

Twenty years ago we didn’t know it would get this fake before Jesus returns.

Your business

February 11, 2020

As a boy, Jesus said He must be about His Father’s business.

I don’t see anything else we should be about.