Why I don’t have a Statement of Faith

Here is a statement of my faith as to why i don’t have a ‘Statement of Faith’.  :)

Actually, i do have a statement of faith, and it’s my works, my life, as James declared, that our life declares what kind of faith we have.

The spirit of antichrist manifests in MANY different ways, and many times has no problem giving it’s assent to a sound statement of faith like the Apostles Creed.

I agree with the content of that creed, that what is stated in that creed is true, but i don’t agree that it should exist in the first place as “a creed” : how and why it is used, that is, the reason for it’s existence. I can’t see anywhere in NT scripture where there is anything that points toward the justification of a creed or the use of a creed.

Just bcos someone says they believe in sound doctrine, a creed or even the Scriptures, what does that, in itself, prove about who they are or whether they are in right relationship to Jesus Christ? Nothing.

That’s why i don’t put out a Statement of Faith. If i did, and then someone reads it and says,  Wow, that’s great, now i know that Ian is legit – then they’re dangerously naive.

Relational life is WHY there are no creeds given in the NT Scriptures. Whatever we believe, on each point, we need to have understood the truth of the Scriptures for ourselves and then, as the need arises, we can articulate the truth : No parroting of creeds as a basis for unity, the devil also believes and he trembles, and he’s also good at parroting creeds.

But the LIFE of Jesus in us can’t be parroted, can’t be faked, and when someone is filled with the Holy Spirit they are filled with the fruits of righteousness, and they will love and obey every word of God; they will love the truth of Scripture.

Which comes back to the Wisdom of God for His Church : if He had desired that His people recite creeds, He would have said so in Scripture and it would be clear in the foundational work of the Apostles. If it wasn’t God’s wisdom then, it’s not now.

We need to care enough about people to know them; to know their life as a statement of faith : all that we say, do and are is our statement of faith. But if you don’t care to get to know a person, why waste your time trying to have some input in their life?

So, if anything i say or do clashes with Scripture please let me know and we can discuss it. That’s IF you are praying for me, otherwise, what’s the point of the exercise?

15 Responses to “Why I don’t have a Statement of Faith”

  1. Mark Finger Says:

    Our only Creed is Christ, brother!

    (like the comment about prayer at the end)

  2. ianvincent Says:

    Thanks for dropping by, brother. Put another log on the fire for me.

  3. redeemedhippiesplace Says:

    Makes so much sense. The simplicity of it all which is what it was meant to be to begin with!

  4. ian vincent Says:

    I read a statement by John McArthur recently where he said that it’s a sign of ‘new age’ influence when ‘ministries’ don’t have a statement of belief, a doctrinal statement.

    Copy and Paste, John. It works for many.

  5. ian vincent Says:

    This morning i was thinking about the issue of parroting.

    There is a delicate balance concerning doctrine.

    When Christ is formed in someone they WILL have the correct doctrine. The Spirit of Truth is in them. All false doctrine is a work of the flesh, pride.

    Yet, there’s also the issue of parroting. A person can parrot all the correct doctrine and still their heart is not right with God.

    Even without being regenerated by the Holy Spirit, a person can learn all the correct doctrines, mentally assenting to them, and parrot them, and still not be born again; still not have the nature of Christ in them.

    Charismania did a parallel thing to this with the gifts. They assume that if a person has supernatural gifts, that that proves they are born again.

    Parroting doesn’t prove anything, and neither do gifts. It’s by their fruit we know them.

  6. ruthsongs Says:

    Near with the lips, far from God in the heart. It’s a frightening concept.

  7. ian vincent Says:

    We could copy and paste here any standard evangelical creed, but it wouldn’t reveal anything much of what kind of people we are.

    I could paste the whole Bible here, as our creed.

    The Bible is our creed, our statement of belief; we only have the one document. And if anyone feels that there’s something in the Bible that we don’t believe, then we’re usually happy to discuss it with them if they ask, using only the Bible as the terms of reference.

  8. ian vincent Says:

    Just to add: It doesn’t bother me at all if brethren publish a statement of faith.

    And it is true that there is a new age tendency today to avoid essential doctrine.

    Not having a statement of faith doesn’t mean we don’t have essential doctrines, such as salvation by grace and not law, the eternal Deity of Christ, three persons of the Godhead etc..

    (The Roman Catholic Church states in writing that they believe these essential doctrines, yet they hold other contradictory beliefs which show they don’t believe these things and neither obey them, so their Creed is useless)

    It means that the Bible alone is the basis for truth. And people should be able to articulate directly from the Bible what the truth is, rather than parrot something.


    Our very small group is currently being sure to ‘do nothing’ while God does His work reorienting us. In particular, we didn’t want to recreate a small copy of where we had come from. (Unless the Lord for some reason led us to.)

    Just an encouragment: we are to meet in Jesus name, meaning, we meet under His authority, which means we meet (and live) for His purposes. Therefore, it behooves us all to keep seeking Him as to what His purpose is in bringing us together. The thing in western countries is that many times believers are seeking their own purpose and agenda, they haven’t really laid it all down at the cross and recieved a mind to serve Jesus and His purposes, alone.

  9. ian vincent Says:


    “You have basically set forth your own creed with your many blogs. ”

    Exactly, that’s exactly my point. Creed – Credo means what we believe.

    Why would we write or say anything we did not believe?

    All our life is our creed.

    If we walk together in fellowship we can discuss what the Scriptures say, together, rather than join a clique.

    The church was never intended to be something you could pick and choose, like a supermarket, and tick all the doctrinal boxes to see if you can “attend it”.

    The relationships that held the early church together are barely known today.

  10. William A. Reiner Says:

    Dear Ian,

    I don’t think I’ve ever written on a blog before in my life. A friend in Tucson gave me your blog and I just read what was on it, and clearly agreed with everything I read. That, in itself, is extremely rare. I’m a missionary in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico and had my transformation event on July 7, 2001. I’ve had a church in my home for the last six months, although the Lord had put it on my heart several years ago, but I frankly was afraid to do it. After the step of faith the Lord has been organizing things, and I’m sure there is much left to do. I just wanted to share with you that small bit of information.

  11. ian vincent Says:

    Hi William! Glad to get your feedback. If there’s any points for prayer you would like us to pray for, just flick me an email: ianvincent.india@gmail.com

    the Lord had put it on my heart several years ago

    This is essential stuff, eh. The Lord puts things in our hearts and we simply should follow thru with it, serving Him.

    Our greeting to the saints who meet in your house.

  12. ian vincent Says:

    I’m not being evasive by not publishing a “Statement of Faith”. Proof being that if anyone asks me concerning any teaching of the Bible i will reply to them with Scripture. It’s as simple as that. The Scripture is my Statement of Faith.

  13. ian vincent Says:

    Jesus the Theologian? Paul the Theologian? John the Theologian?

    No. It doesn’t work.

    If you understand WHY this does not work, then you are well on your way to understanding the HEART of their message, and why they built the Church that way, and lived that way.

    Why is there absolutely not one single precedent, record or example of a Theologian in the NT record?

    Some bright-spark will say Paul was theological. No, he wasn’t. He would have said that the concept, that the knowledge of God can be separated from the LIFE of God (how a person lives) – that is, that one can have the knowledge of God in their brain, yet distinct from the reality of their life, as an absurd proposal.

    Paul would have said that the concept of awarding diplomas and degrees to people, for their “knowledge of God”, as some kind of joke.

    That’s how it appears before the Throne of God.

  14. ian vincent Says:

    Today i saw on a blog somewhere someone said that if a person does not post a “Statement of Belief/Doctrine” on his site that means he is a cult.

    I thought, that’s funny! If you go to the site any false teacher or false prophet today, or money preacher, you can read their Statement of Belief, and usually there’s nothing wrong with it, its very evangelical and Biblically sound.

    Hey, they aint dumb.

    So, therefore, having or not having a Statement of Belief proves little or nothing about what a person actually believes and practices.

  15. Mia Says:

    Good to read u brother Ian and others in agreement. Imagine how hard it is to be a around others who do not stand for the all Truth. By His wonderful grace , been doing just that. But its soooo tough! I have been on my own for long, not willing to compromise but still being warm , cheerful, meek while trying to stand firm and warn others of falsehood thats becoming greater and greater as time goes. So, I keep it all in prayer mostly. Where can I found fellowship, I have tried many different believing they are doing better, but unfortunately, I only hear the voice of men instead of Christ taking the lead. Anyway, Gods blessing brave soldiers in Christ our most precious Lord! Keep on the good work!/ Angel

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