ze. 180 Degree Movie


3 Responses to “ze. 180 Degree Movie”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    This is HIGHLY recommended!

    It may make many re-think their approach to preaching the Gospel.

    Interesting that Hitler considered God to be a tyrant, bcos He “forces” people to obey His commandments.

    Why did Hitler react that way to God? Bcos he was a tyrant. Bcos he did not like the fact that God is God, when he wanted to be God.

    He resented God’s right to command the people He made, bcos it circumvented his own desire to command people, and be over people.

    He felt that God’s power was a challenge to his own lust for power.

  2. Stephen Hodgson Says:

    Very powerfull

  3. dave Says:

    Re hitler- he was heavily influenced by the writing of Friedrich Nietzsche, as was a lot of europe, and this was evident in Mien Kampf. Nietzsche really has a lot to answer for in the corrupting influence that the nazi’s had on the church in Germany pre war and the hatred of the Jews. Also the Roman Catholic church was very quiet on speaking out against Hitler – but then again he was only doing as they had done in the past 1400 yrs.
    Richard Dawkins is the most outspoken evangelical atheist who has a similar hatred for christians- also a believer in Nietzsche’s writings.
    Dave Boyd

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