zg. Photo Album

nathan family at golflinks

Nathan, Kung and Judy and Michael – the Mallory family, who are very dear to us.

with rishi 2011

Rishi and me.

with rishi at a wedding 2012

Rishi and me, again.

street preaching 2012

Sheela and I street preaching in Shillong. That’s Nathan at the side.


Ian in whitewater slalom race, 1980 (NSW, Australia)

Ian in whitewater slalom race, 1980 (NSW, Australia)

Ian preaching in S India, 1990

Ian preaching in S India, 1990


Sheela and I at the Shillong golf course in 2010.


Our daughter Becky and Sushi (pet wild cat) some years back.


Old family photo.


Sean and Lisa Scott and family whom we met in Andhra Pradesh, India, some years back.


Ian and our daughter Shmita processing the rice crop on our farm.


Our daughter Esther and friend.


Old family photo on our farm.

dr rishi napping

The good Doctor resting from his labors.

becky and sim at joes

Our daughters Becky and Shmita.

at joes place

In Joe and Rayna’s house in Shillong.

Our daughter Shmita

Our daughter Shmita

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