What does ANONYMOUS or fake identity mean on the internet?

It does mean that they don’t want any real fellowship, which means, at best, they are very immature and not qualified to teach the Body of Christ or function as an Elder.

It does mean they are avoiding being accountable, therefore they are emboldened to say wrong things bcos they think that no one will find out who they really are.

It very likely means they are hiding something.

It could mean their spiritual life is more fantasy than reality.

It could mean that they think that if you found out they are just a normal Christian like you, with all the normal faults, imperfections and struggles,  then you would not be interested in them nor honor them as a great spiritual giant.

Here’s an example of what i’m talking about:


6 Responses to “What does ANONYMOUS or fake identity mean on the internet?”

  1. ianvincent Says:

    I think it was Tozer who said, “The devil is the best theologian in the world and yet is a devil still.”

    A person can know everything that’s wrong with Christianity and yet still live for the devil, bcos he comes as an angel of light to confirm an unrepentant person in their conceit and self glory.

  2. cheryl Says:

    A devil is probably the perfect theologian. For these times. I get it brought up all the time, in my face, people telling me that Christians are what’s wrong with the USA. They bring up “turn the other cheek”, “the greatest commandment is to love” etc.

    We are ALL hypocrites, and we need to be wiped off the earth.(yes, I’ve heard that) The “status quo” believe that Christians are all gun toting people who love the fetus, and hate the child. Christians are ignorant, we are all money grubbing hypocrites, and we are guilty of torture and we are the biggest carbon footprinters in the world.

    I sincerely don’t know where the hatred is coming from, on my end, but I think it has something to do with people who portray themselves as Christian, who are in the public eye.

    I know of a certain woman, who seemed to have a prophetic gift from the Lord, and I found comfort and warning in her messages. But after a while, her messages turned into gossip magazine style messages, with a Christian twist. I heard messages from her that I would have never known about if I hadn’t known about her. It was very confusing to me.

    Thanks for the link, brother. Praying for your family always.

  3. ianvincent Says:

    Thanks for your prayers sister.

    Mark Finger has been telling me the same, how bad it is getting over there.

  4. ianvincent Says:

    Just a thought on the ‘reality’ and validity of anonymous or fake ID posters Bible teaching or prophesying on the internet :

    Imagine if someone came to your fellowship wearing a plastic mask wanting to preach or teach the Word, and when asked what is their name says, I’m The Chosen One // but any self aggrandizing name will do // .

    Then, assuming the believers there have some sort of intelligence, they would say to him/her, Sorry, you are so far out of touch with reality that we can’t let you preach.

    Ahhh, but that’s real life! The internet is not real life! , someone may say, not realizing they hit the nail on the head.

    The internet is great for the Body of Christ so long as people do not depart from reality and are not drawn into relating with others on a less than real life basis.

    The issue here is the deliberate hiding or concealing of who one is. Not the fact that personal information about oneself is often limited by the limitation of this media.

  5. mkayla Says:

    You know I just bounced in here from Karen’s blog, reading a post I didn’t know she had made about the ID thing. I was just wondering about all that and that person from long ago.

    Remember the other day, the one on my blog with all that to say. For her, it was the same in her e-mails. She wanted to be hidden, probably to protect her own reputation which she did much damage to by her own nastiness. But that became her focus, to be hidden, God said, of course.

    Like I said to Karen, God sees it all.
    So, Who’s foolin’ who here?

  6. ian vincent Says:

    Definitely. We’ve seen that happen over and over again. People using their anonymity as a license to post stupid comments, which they may hesitate to say to our face if they were sitting with us in our living room.

    I’ve had anonymous people tell me that the reason they hide their identity is so that the church they attend won’t find out what they’re saying, it could go bad for them if their pastor found out. Another said that they are ‘a celebrity’, that’s why they remain anonymous.

    The post was just a general exhortation, for believers NOT to HIDE. Who’s afraid of the government? Jesus deserves better than a fearful church, hiding out.

    Anyway, the person who thinks they are anonymous is fooling themselves. Big brother IS watching you!!!!! ha ha!! :)

    But as M’Kayla noted, it’s very foolish for anyone to think that they can get away with wrong things, as if God did not see.

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