Worship bytes or moments

Yesterday i saw a bit of Discovery channel and they were showing penguins, the different types, and i just marvelled before the LORD,

LORD, that’s amazing. It’s amazing what you’ve done. You did great and i WOULD be speechless, only i can’t contain your praise.

If you met a man who ‘created’ a fairly life-like robot, which could walk around and do basic tasks, you would want to shake his hand and say, You did well! You may want to recognize his achievement.

What about what God has accomplished?

And, as amazing as His creation is, there’s one more thing which is often overlooked, and that is that He created LIFE itself.   …Life….      That elusive something which man is immersed in and yet has no clue as to what it is. What is “life”? What is a soul, a spirit?

They’ve done a lot of research, but what it is they aint exactly sure……    B. Dylan

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