Last things: the STUPENDOUS REALITY of what is coming

Just a comment on the subject of last things, that the points concerning the millennium and the final battle/s, which we so far don’t find ourselves finding full agreement on, don’t really affect how we live for Jesus today.

If any thing we’ve believed about the end times has caused us to be lukewarm or careless toward the LORD Jesus Christ, or ambivalent, then that would indicate we believed wrongly, and we didn’t take Jesus words, “Be ready!”, seriously.

And the ground on which we can agree, so that our small differences don’t hinder fellowship, is the fact that the whole end times scenario is in God’s hands anyway. What a person believes about it won’t change anything, eh.

There is GREAT value in pondering our LORD’s return and our catching away to be with Him and our future with Him. Just the REALITY of the fact should fill us with joy and hope. We should be elevated far above just being interested in “the details” of the end times. This goes for anything we study in the Bible. The STUPENDOUS REALITY of the truth about God and His Son, should grip us more than mere intellectual curiosity : like a Bible quiz type of thinking.

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