Life or Death Miracles

I was thinking about the history of Israel. The supernatural, miraculous hand of God was always there to deliver them out of life or death situations: where if they had not received a miracle they would have died. That was the setting of the miraculous. It was never a matter of God putting on a show to entertain them. The same happened in the ministry of Jesus of Nazareth and in the Apostles and Prophets.

If we truly believe and understand today that the souls of men hang in the balance, and that the glory and honor of Jesus’ name is at stake: that it is truly a matter of life or death : then we will see the mighty hand of God deliver folks from death, if we are obedient and believe.

If we think it’s a matter of our own glory, or a matter of entertaining people, then it will be a false power doing the miraculous.

Btw, only the power of Almighty God can deliver Israel today, from the enemies of God.

One Response to “Life or Death Miracles”

  1. Liju Says:

    thank you for the thoughts

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