Seeds of unbelief

Every “small” compromise with truth is actually a seed of unbelief, and if that bad seed is not rooted out it grows into more unbelief. Some think it’s OK to cut corners with the truth when they deem it expedient to do so – a pragmatic compromise. But to the degree that a man compromises God’s Word, to that degree is he given over by God to believe lies – God hands him over to a delusion. So even the “small” compromise with truth has the seeds of death in it just waiting to germinate.

5 Responses to “Seeds of unbelief”

  1. shepherdguardian Says:

    Very well said, Ian.


  2. milind Says:

    I guess this compromise is an act willful rebellion while knowing the truth.
    However if I don’t fully understand something and go into error, will God still give me over to delusion? I hope not.
    Will He not correct me as in Heb12? i guess He will.

  3. ian vincent Says:

    “…if that bad seed is not rooted out it grows into more unbelief…”

    It’s only willful things which are the problem. God never punishes ignorance.

  4. ian vincent Says:

    Just to add that many of my posts are things which come up in dialogues with people. Like this post sprang from a dialogue concerning a leader who, many years ago, made “small” compromises which he thought would help the success of his ministry – things which some would say are trivial. Then, 20 or 30 years later, he is doubting the very foundation of the gospel. He has changed.

  5. milind Says:

    Thanks for all your posts. They have cleared many doubts which I have been having for a long time and have helped me in becoming alert towards some things which could lead me astray.
    Sometimes the differences are too subtle to get noticed unless one is very careful.
    thanks again

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