In response to John Lennon’s song “Imagine”…. Imagine if every person on earth had Jesus living in their heart and was filled with His love?

There would be no wars, no killing, no armies, no guns, no nukes, no missiles, no armies, no need for police or courts, no jails, no divorce, no crime, no locks on doors, no security checks, no guards…

…no jihads, no terrorists, no more abuse, no more suffering…

…we could go on and on.

…And no religion too… Yes, John, you got that right.

If everyone had Jesus love in them then this planet would be nearly like heaven. There would be no conflict at all. There would be peace.

THAT is the reality of the power of His love to transform lives.

John Lennon did not understand the problem. God is not the problem, the Bible is not the problem, it is normal, sinful men and women without Christ as their Lord and Savior who are the problem. Mankind without Jesus is the problem.

The world is the way it is bcos people don’t know Jesus Christ and don’t have His love in their hearts for others.

John Lennon did not understand that HE was the problem, and that Jesus is the answer.

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