His way

There was a day recently when I neglected to spend quality time alone with God in the morning, and later in the day I made such a stupid mistake buying the wrong thing and messing up a job I was doing. I was desensitized to the Holy Spirit, so I could not hear him clearly in decision making. The Father gently taught me (again) the folly of not putting him first, for then we are doing things on our own, or in our own wisdom, which is a disaster.

And surely this is one way the Father disciplines his sons, is he allows them to try living and making decisions apart from hearing the voice of his Holy Spirit, and, by reason of use, we learn the folly of our own way, and the wisdom of his way.  (Hebrews 5:14, 12:10)

But… important to clarify that we don’t seek him first in order to have success, but because he is worthy, and it would be a crime not to.

The essential issue here is concerning honoring God. There are good benefits which spring forth from honoring God, and there is a cost when we don’t, and that’s a very good thing. His discipline is wonderful.

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