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One of the vital elements of a life of worship is to be in utter awe of God.


Obviously, the LORD Jesus Christ is our ultimate role model.

Now, to think that He had a ministry without the help of social media, and without the help of a religious organization, and without glorifying, promoting and advertising Himself?

It means that nothing can prevent you having a ministry and fulfilling it if God has given you one.



The most beautiful name on earth. The sweetest name. The greatest name. The Holy name. The name with all authority. The name above every other name.

You can also say, Yeshua, if you like.

He’s the same person.


There are only two states of being – either under the grace of God, or under the wrath of God.

Wonderful for some, scary for most.


Do you know what it cost Jesus to purchase your salvation?


To be on Jesus’ side means to be on the winning side.

He has already won.


What is the authoritative source of truth about God?

His word.


When the LORD looks down on His people does He see people who really care about others?

The starting point of love is to actually care about someone else’s welfare and spiritual condition.


Seek His face.


It’s very hard to be tempted into something if you think it’s stupid.


Jesus said, the truth shall set you free.

If someone is not free, their only hope is to believe the truth and act upon it.


Can you think of a greater blessing today than if God filled you with the Holy Spirit right now?


What would be the point of having a comfortable, pleasant life if you didn’t have the Holy Spirit?

What if you lived in the perfect place with all luxuries but you didn’t have the Holy Spirit?

What is the point of church if there’s no Holy Spirit?


We have time to pray for many more people than we presently do.


The James Webb pictures reveal much more universe beyond the stars they focus on.

The universe is not infinite.

But its Creator is.


We are creatures, but we’re not animals.

There are three types of creatures: mankind, angels/demons and animals.


Only make a small thing into a big deal if you think it’s absolutely necessary. : )


Whoever you are, you must believe you have a soul, right?

You surely can’t believe you are just a bunch of cells, a piece of meat?


Christian, our life is only as good as our relationship to Jesus.

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