Trying to figure out the mess?

(My comment on an article which says that wicked ‘christian’ leaders today have the true anointing of the Holy Spirit to do miracles, and using King Saul as an example of a wicked leader who was anointed by God.)

I can’t see in clear terms what the article is trying to establish : that wicked people can have the true Holy Spirit working in them?

Re: Saul: a treatment of this subject should also mention:

* That God sent an evil spirit to Saul (and David was called in to pacify him with his harp playing).

* That OT manifestations of the power of the Holy Spirit were often quite different than in the new covenant. E.g. The power of the Holy Spirit came upon the Israelites at times to supernaturally empower them to slaughter their enemies. Like Shamgar and Jonathan and others, who single-handedly took on whole armies and won.

And being a prophet in the OT was more than prophesying, it was sometimes the task of killing false prophets, hacking them to pieces, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

And when David said that he hated the enemies of God with a pure hatred and desired that God destroy the wicked, we know that that was the Holy Spirit, not David’s flesh.

Back to the premise of the article:

I find it practically instructive that no where in the NT are we told to try and figure out whether people are saved, whether they have the Holy Spirit, whether it is God or the devil doing miracles thru them; rather, we are told to separate from those who willfully and habitually defy the commands of God; those who profess Christ, yet are unrepentant. And the separation is conditional on their conduct. Therefore, we are not to judge the heart but the conduct, and if they repent, receive them.

E.g. People like Todd Bentley or Rick Joyner: the NT teaches that we are to have nothing to do with people who are named as Christians, yet who refuse to obey the teachings of our Lord, His doctrine.

So, if we are not to listen to them or associate with them or support them, then what’s the point of trying to figure out whether the Holy Spirit is doing the miracles and healings thru them?

Whether God healed anyone thru Todd Bentley is irrelevant considering that Scripture commands us to separate from habitual liars like him.

An elder must be blameless. Anyone with any cloud over their conduct is disqualified from being an elder.

The context of the above is where the false prophet or teacher claims to believe in all the tenets of the orthodox faith, and not where the spirit at work is obviously the spirit of antichrist, denying Christ came in the flesh, and the Father and the Son.

One Response to “Trying to figure out the mess?”

  1. ianvincent Says:

    Of course, if God shows you clearly that a demon is empowering a person to do miracles etc., and not the Holy Spirit, then that is a different matter.

    If their conduct or false teaching forces you to separate from them, then it doesn’t matter whether you can figure out which spirit is working or not.

    It would be unScriptural (disobedience) to not to separate from a person, when you need to, on the basis that you believe that God is doing miracles thru them. That is a big problem today: a pragmatic reasoning away from the clear commands of God – sentimental humanism disguised as “Christian love”, and not the Kingdom of God.

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