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With or without Jesus?

This is the question all must answer.


No one in heaven has racial issues.

No one in heaven hates or ridicules.

No one in heaven loves money.

No one in heaven wants to have power over others.

No one in heaven wants to glorify themselves.


This is something of what Jesus Christ represents.


The Creator of all is the Ruler of all.

What kind of Creator couldn’t rule over what He created?

And who would say their Creator has no right to rule them?


Look at these two verses:

“And they will fall by the edge of the sword, and be led away captive into all nations. And Jerusalem will be trampled by Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled.” (Luke 21:24)

“For God has put it into their hearts to fulfill His purpose, to be of one mind, and to give their kingdom to the beast, until the words of God are fulfilled.” (Revelation 17:17)

“Fulfillment”, here, signifies God spoke, and what He spoke WILL be fulfilled.

You can debate all you like over how this pans out, but if God said something will happen, it will happen.

This means that the final events of this age, which are unfolding now, will happen, and no one can stop it.

It can’t be prayed away.

For true followers of Jesus, they get a lot of comfort knowing that the world is heading where God said it would.

Comforting to know this same God as His child.


There are indeed wacko conspiracy theories out there, and yet there’s also evidence of widespread manipulation of the masses.

If you’re a student of history you would know that whole populations have been duped, time and time again.

And nothing has changed.

Most people born after 1990 are not independent thinkers.

Even though left wing indoctrination began in schools in the 60s, it virtually took over by the 90s.

Consider. Pre-war Germany was supposed to be an enlightened, educated, modern society. Not a bunch of savages.


Of course, it doesn’t matter in this world who’s popular and who isn’t, and yet it’s instructive to know that, according to the latest Gallup Poll, Trump is far more popular than Biden, and even the “messiah” Obama.


The Bible never asks you to believe anything you don’t already know to be true somewhere in the back of your conscience.

To my non-Christian friends, what is your conscience telling you?

Our conscience is our friend.


Justification by faith without works.

But not justification by faith without repentance.

Imagine the absurdity of a thief who thanks God he didn’t have to give up his profession to be justified by faith.



People see whether we preach the truth.

God sees whether we obey the truth.


“And do not lead us into temptation,
But deliver us from the evil one.
For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.” (Matthew 6:13)

How many Christians are not delivered from the evil one because they don’t ask to be delivered?

If we ask, it will be done.

If we don’t ask, we won’t receive.

Otherwise, what would be the point of Jesus teaching us to ask we be delivered if that were not neccessary?


Have you ever wondered why virtually any zany religious belief is quite acceptable, but the belief that Jesus Christ died for our sins and rose again, and is the only Savior is not permissible?

There’s a reason.


Saul – I’m the least in my family, and my family is the least in my tribe, and my tribe is the least of the tribes of Israel.

Samuel – None of that matters now since the Lord is with you.


The better we know our Savior, then, it follows, the better we’ll know our enemy.

And unless we know our enemy we will be defeated by him. You can’t overcome an enemy you don’t know.


Light and Darkness can never be united.


“…And not holding firmly to the Head, from whom all the body, being supplied and knit together through the joints and ligaments, grows with God’s growth.” (Colossians 2:19)

In this chapter Paul lists a number of religious and spiritual diversions or traps which Christians were falling into.

Our Head is Jesus.

Any spiritual belief or practice which causes us not to “hold firm to the Head” leads us toward disconnection from the Head and therefore cuts off His supply to His body and we don’t grow.

Holding firmly to Jesus Christ means He supplies our life, our everything.

And the text tells us that His supply flows from Him through “joints and ligaments” which denotes the inter-connective members of His body.

Each member of the Body is supposed to hold firm to the Head.

Then He supplies directly and through His members.

But even when He supplies through someone else, it’s still Him supplying, and not them.


For we who believe, Jesus promised to lead us. He leads and we follow. We are not to lead. If we are wise we will look for Him to lead the way and we follow.

It takes a big burden off us if we are following and not leading.


The advent of the internet meant for the first time in history the ordinary person could see what life is like for their fellow man anywhere in the world, if they choose to.

But not many choose to.

They have their own world, and that’s it.


Some guys go to an institutional church because they like the anonymity and the stage performance, then complain later that no one cares or even knows if they’re sick or lonely.

They want their cake, and to eat it too.

They want to be alone, except for when they need people.

If you reject relational church then you’ll just have to live with the fact no one cares about you. That’s the life you’ve chosen.


If you believe the Bible then you’re the ultimate realist. You know the world isn’t going to get better, and you know the final outcome in advance, and have total peace.


If the world wanted to elect a “President of Planet Earth” would they elect Jesus of Nazareth?

Would He be deemed suitable to lead the world?

Not likely.

After three years of preaching they crucified Him.


In today’s world it’s not exceptional for a person to preach democracy while rigging an election.


Because this is a moral dilemma, and such people’s morality differs from Biblical morality, to which they would readily agree.

The modern Liberal doesn’t have a fixed, absolute morality, it is ever shifting, circumstantial, situational, relativistic and always bending and conforming to the whims or demands of people.

You can’t expect an immoral person to tell the truth.

That would be unrealistic.


“Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to his will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him.”

1 John 5:14-15

Pretty wonderful.

So, prayer is bringing God’s will to pass.

Because He only answers prayers that are according to His will.

The will of God is the work of God, His purpose.

His purpose is to bring people to know Him through His Son.

If we know His purpose we can pray according to His will.


Our greatest enemy is that which keeps us from prayer.


“Then (John the Baptist) said to the multitudes that came out to be baptized by him, “Brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?” (Luke 3:7)

He wasn’t joking.

There is a wrath to come.

And you should flee from it while you can.

The wrath comes from the same source as the grace.

From Jesus Christ.

Flee to Him today.

And you won’t have to suffer His wrath to come.


Be free in every respect, in spirit, soul, mind and body, but not free to disregard the word of God.


Be neither cynical or naive.


Faith looks to the future with great joy.


We tend to underestimate the power of human influence in shaping Christianity, for better or worse.


If we live by the Spirit we will speak by the Spirit.


If Jesus had not risen from the dead I wouldn’t believe in Him. But He did.


Its self evident that when cultural Christians participate in Christian cultural traditions they are doing so to some extent because they culturally identify as Christians.

So, we have multitudes of unrepentant people identifying as cultural Christians.


What is the purpose of identifying oneself as a Christian but having no intention of repenting?

Christian Traditions exist so that people who are unrepentant can still feel religious.

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to say that Christian culture exists for the sake of cultural Christians, and not for those who have been truly converted.

Of course, we would rather have a Christian culture than an Islamic or Hindu one, or an Atheistic one, all the same.

Ask any nominal, cultural Christian why they celebrate Christmas, and why they don’t feel convicted of being hypocritical in doing so?

In the first century, if you were playing the hypocrite you could get sick and die for taking the Lords Supper.

But by the third century everyone was taking it and not dying.


One thing about the world is that it has the power to present things as real which are not real.

The more brain washed people become the less power they have to discern between the unreal and the real.


For those who say something is missing from their life, that something is Jesus Christ.


Never get fussed over things which aren’t God’s will, which were never meant to be.


There are many questions in life, but there’s really only one answer.


We’re not interested in the religious side of Christianity, just a very simple life.


ew year’s resolution.

Sort it out what’s worth living for and use your time for that.

Know that a year flies by. If we are productive daily, by the end of the year we see an accumulation of tangible results.

Make tiny progress today, then multiply that by 365 to see the total progress by year’s end.

What we set our mind and will on today will be clearly seen by the end of the year, by God’s grace.

So, in other words, keep faithful daily and wait until the end of the year to see what God will do.

Wait until the end of the year to measure your progress. Don’t need to check every day.

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