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If a person doesn’t know Jesus Christ, in many ways they are just an actor.

And that was me for 24 years of my life.


Look to God, not man.


But you can’t look to God with your head in the sand.


The message to America’s enemies now is, America is weak. A very dangerous time.


A Christian’s allegiance is to Jesus Christ alone, meaning that any other form of allegiance is conditional upon and subservient to this fact. It doesn’t mean we can’t have allegiance to anyone else, it means, there are limits to our allegiance to others when our allegiance is to Christ.

These other things are not God.

And this applies to every aspect of life.

So, it’s foolish for Christians to think they can’t have allegiance to their nation, or to their friends, or to their spouse and family.

Everything has it’s place in God’s kingdom.


I don’t know how someone can be saved and support depravity. Their Christianity is a joke.


For the last four years Democrats have relentlessly mocked, belittled and insulted the President.

Hoping that Conservatives will not lower themselves to that level.

That’s not the way.

That’s the way of the small minded.

Stick to the issues.


If the Bible doesn’t define your morality, you have none.


Someone says it was God’s will for Biden to win.

I would answer that with a question, Is there any world ruler who got into power against God’s will?

It was God’s will for Hitler to come to power. Does that mean those who tried to prevent Hitler were fighting against God’s will? Of course not.

From God’s point of view, He wants His children to always stand for righteousness no matter what the cost.

What an indictment on a nation if Christians refuse to speak out.

It was God’s will for ancient Israel to be conquered and ruled over by gentiles for so many centuries.

It was God’s will that Jesus be crucified.


In 2024 American Christians need to turn out en masse so that even if election fraud gets worse it will be such a landslide that even fraud can’t stop it.

You can look at it from the view that God is Sovereign, and also from the view of apathy, that up to 30 million evangelical Christians didn’t vote.


Maybe our brethren in America can say, It’s not what we wanted, but it’s what we needed at this time.


You can multi task.

You can fight the spiritual battle.

And also vote for those who are not anti Christian.

You can easily do both.

One Response to “Today’s Tweets”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    Of course, anti Trumpers can say Trump was rude and a mocker.


    But he doesn’t represent Conservatives or speak for them.

    He’s supposed to serve the people.

    Not be a god.

    Trump’s rudeness pales in comparison with the real issues facing America.

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