Today’s Tweets

Interesting to note, that, even considering the immensity of God’s power, the greatest thing about Him is His love.


Jesus Christ rules as absolute and sovereign Ruler, and His subjects love Him, and agree with Him completely, and none have any complaints with His rule. A totally unique Kingdom.


Greatest “existential threat”?

Jesus Christ. Top of the list.


With Jesus Christ there is always hope. It doesn’t matter who you are.


It always seems that where there’s permanent misery, as in, a permanent state of it, there’s no revelation of Christ.


God is the reality which defines reality.


Are you a candidate for God’s mercy?

Why not?

You can be, because Jesus Christ died for you.


Is it Judgment Day “proof”? If not, leave it alone.


Liberal “Christian”, do we need to check with you to find out what is a sin and what isn’t?

My liberal friend on Twitter is always putting people straight as to what things are not sins…

If you have any doubts about whether there is sin in your life you can check with her…..


Tares don’t become wheat.

Goats don’t become sheep.

Bad soil doesn’t become good soil.

And yet the warnings to the sheep are still there.

Unless those warnings only apply to goats.


God works…

“…according to the power that works in us…”

Ephesians 3:20b

But people are seeking God’s power any place they think they can.


God’s power is not working in them.


Joy is such an appropriate response to God.


Jesus Christ!

What a subject!


As we thank God for the food we eat let’s remember He designed and created it….

….for us.


The true prophetic today is where God the Holy Spirit is bringing forth God’s word and revealing it to men.

If the true Holy Spirit is at work, yes, it will be prophetic.

The only way for the true prophetic to cease is to take away the Holy Spirit.


God doesn’t compare you with anyone else, so why should you?


Why did none of the great ancient civilizations survive?

Sin is like terminal cancer.

And the patient didn’t survive.

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