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One very good indicator of the spiritual condition of people is how they treat the elderly.


It’s not our job to tell people they’re on the way to hell, as if it’s merely our opinion or up to us to decide, but to present God’s word to them so they can judge for themselves whether they’re going to Heaven or Hell.


Whoever you are, you can be reconciled to God if you want to be. This is what Jesus promised.


What I pray for all my friends, and enemies, is they receive the same grace and forgiveness which I’ve received.


Those who go to Heaven have eternity to enjoy living there, and eternity to really get to know the Father and the Lamb.


Man isn’t man’s idea. He is not his own creation. It is God who thought up the concept of human beings.


Like all previous civilizations, this present civilization will also return to dust and be forgotten.


The Christian life is only possible by the power of the Holy Spirit.


The classic, timeless storybook motif of “good versus evil” is played out in the political narrative today, except it’s reversed, and the “good guys” are those with no sense of morality.


The whole purpose behind CRT, BLM etc. is it’s a fake political manoevre to falsely paint Conservatives as racists and therefore increase the Democrat vote, to then save the nation from these imaginary racists. It’s fake.


Natural love might be enough to love our friends, but it takes the love of Christ to love and pray for our enemies.


Racism is disgusting.

Falsely accusing of racism is equally disgusting.


Jesus said, count the cost. It could cost you your life. It will certainly cost you the loss of most things you once held dear. And that’s okay if He is with you.


We can’t really know what really matters unless we know Jesus Christ and understand His words.


A true Christian believes what Jesus Christ said.



Jesus Christ gives you the option of living in fantastic luxury and super rich opulence forever, or suffering forever, but most people choose the second option by virtue of refusing the first.


Do you consider every person to have equal value and importance in the sight of God?


When it’s illegal for Christians to share their faith with others, then it should also be illegal for people of any faith to share their faith, or illegal for Atheists to share their philosophy on life, or illegal for any kind of beliefs, values or philosophy to be shared. Liberal or Woke philosophy would also have to be illegal.

Equity. Remember?


Reportedly, the heaviest rain in 1000 years in China.

Which shows things haven’t much changed in 1000 years.



On the matter of the difference between the authority of scripture and the authority of the church, when we analyze the nature and use of authority in the NT church we can see no disparity between that and the authority of scripture.

The churches had virtually no authority over people’s lives except in matters of disciplining the unrepentant by shunning them from fellowship until they are restored to the Lord.

In practical life we see virtually no authority over people’s lives.

But of course, spiritual authority doesn’t usually work by coercion, but by sacrificial love.

Divine authority was expressed through the power of the Gospel and the Spirit, but not a temporal authority, such as was later grasped as churches began to apostasize in the second and third centuries.

One misconception about Christian authority is to fail to grasp that it is primarily the authority to love and to forgive others.

It is Christ giving us His authority over our lives, so we take authority over our thoughts, words and actions in His name.

There are “churches” in India which have virtually total control of peoples lives. The “pastor” decides whom they will marry. They must keep the “pastor” updated on how much they are earning so he can calculate the 10% of it he comes and collects from them each month. Etc.


Why do people cry out Jesus! when something bad happens?

Why no one else’s name?

Is it that the name of Jesus affects their conscience in some way?


Notes on 1 Thessalonians 5:12-24

a. Recognize those who teach God’s word among you. For these to be able to personally correct people they must personally know them. We are to esteem them on the basis of what they do, and not on the basis of them having a position. “Over” you in the Greek means “before” you. It’s not someone ruling over you, but someone going before you as a guide, in the sense of having more experience. A guide need not be a dictator.

b. All the brethren are charged with caring for one another and speaking into one another’s life.

c. Let your replies to critics be respectful.

d. It’s always right to rejoice in the Lord as an expression of your faith.

e. Never give up praying for folks or things you need.

f. In all circumstances give thanks to God for His faithfulness.

g. Quenching the Holy Spirit is like grieving Him. It metaphorically speaks of putting out a fire by throwing buckets of water on it. Things we do or don’t do can have the effect of putting out the spiritual flame in our heart and turning us cold. If we oppose the Spirit or ignore the Spirit then it is like extinguishing the Holy fire in our heart. In this sense, so much of what falls short of glorifying God, and spiritual weakness is simply due to negligence and quenching the Spirit. The person and the church which does not quench the Spirit will be a powerhouse.

h. Don’t despise prophecies, but test them, keep the good, and reject what’s not. If the gift of prophecy had ceased then Paul would not have admonished them not to despise prophecies.

i. Abstain from every form of evil. Know all the forms evil can present itself in. “Abstain” means, “No thanks, that’s not for me”.

j. God will sanctify all our being: spirit, soul and body, and present us blameless before His throne. Here, the imputed righteousness of Christ is manifest in practical righteousness, so the practical doesn’t contradict the imputed.


True Christianity is to talk directly to God through His Son, Jesus Christ, with no intermediaries, formalities, formulas, procedures, traditions, superstitions, and certainly no idols…

…..just as you like people to talk to you.

You want them to talk to you, not do all the other stuff, which would imply they’re actually trying to avoid talking directly with you.


Some people say, “Last night on the streets we led 50 people to accept Christ”, but the big question is, Has Christ accepted them?

He will accept them if they truly come in faith, turning away from and renouncing their sinful life.

But He won’t accept them if they’re unrepentant.

A person is playing a dangerous game with God to “accept Jesus” but not be truly sorry for their sins and repent.


Any data which has political fallout is “misinformation”.


If we’re not earnestly seeking and expecting the Kingdom of God then we’re probably content with some other kingdom.


Do you have a promise from God apart from Jesus Christ?


Jesus turns sinners into saints, rebels into princes, unholy into holy, unclean into clean, fools into wise, broken into whole.


We don’t expect people living in darkness to see, unless a Light shines upon them.

Preach the Gospel and bring the Light.


That man can appreciate the beauty of creation is one of the proofs of the existence of God.

If there were no God then the universe would have no meaning, and therefore the concept of beauty would not exist, because if something has no meaning, how can it be beautiful?

Basically, how do you know something is beautiful? How do you know anything?

If all creation accidentally came together by itself, then how do you know anything if nothing has meaning or purpose, and it’s all just random chance?

We’re supposed to look at the complexity and beauty of nature, and the vastness of the universe, and understand something about God.


God doesn’t recognize any spiritual labels because there is only one body of Christ. He only sees the Blood of Christ which redeemed us. There is only one Spirit of God.


A central tenet of the Bible is there is only one God, and no other god exists.

There are no lesser gods, hierarchies of gods, etc.

Either a person knows this one, true God, or they don’t.

Jesus taught us to call Him, “Father”, for Jesus is the only begotten Son of the Father.

Jesus taught that, through faith in Him, we have direct access to the only one, true God.

We can even call Him our Father.


“…Men always ought to pray and not lose heart”

Luke 18:1b


God can, and does, use anyone to fulfill His purpose, even people who don’t know Him. He’s amazing.


True Christian faith seizes the moment, seizes the day, and seizes the future on into eternity.


The Democrat party knows it must preserve its ability to cast fraudulent votes if it is to survive, so it is calling moves to eliminate such fraud as “suppression of voting rights”. Give a list of countries where illegal immigrants and people who are not willing to show their ID are allowed to vote? Of course most blacks have photo IDs, so it’s not oppressing them to require them to have it, it’s simply preventing fraudulent voting.


Hitler, Stalin, Mao… they all did “fact checking” and made sure there was no “misinformation”, after all, they should know, right?


How it works is, we keep putting the truth of God’s word out there, and it speaks to some people. Even if it doesn’t speak to most, if it just speaks to a few, and those few hear the Lord speaking to them, then it’s worth it, because even one person is worth it.


Christian maturity usually means you’ve learned by your errors and mistakes over time.


The earth’s magnetic field is going through a period of flux, and this has an effect on solar radiation, and this surely must be the main driver of climate change.


True science is the study of God.


Nothing we do or don’t do can cause God to love us. His love is umerited. And yet if we don’t repent we’ll die.

When God righteously judges a person it’s not because His love for them ceased – it’s not because their sin caused God to stop loving them.


Look at any hero in the Bible: What was the secret of their success? They believed and obeyed what the Lord said.

And nothing has changed.


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