Today’s Tweets

Everything God made He made perfectly, without exception. Millions of species, each one with amazingly complex systems, were all good to go from day one. They were created perfect, they were perfect creations, until man sinned, and this new, unknown thing called “death” began.


If freedom is defined as freedom from God then it’s not freedom, it’s slavery, because freedom from God makes you a slave of the devil.


Was Jesus ever impatient with anyone?


The world today is simply the result of turning our backs on God.


Jesus warned there would be false converts, who, despite confessing Jesus as their Lord, never knew Him.


Philharmonic Orchestra of God.

The score is the Word of God.

The conductor is the Holy Spirit.

The musicians are all the followers of Jesus.

The beautiful harmony is God’s masterpiece, revealing the Body of Christ, and He magnified in His people.


Consider the accumulated weight of the sin of the entire human race over 6000 years…

And then consider the Cross of Calvary, where all that sin was atoned for.


We too easily get distracted from intercession for others because we fail to see it as the mighty work of God it is. Our minds need more renewing.


Joy is to know Jesus.


Friend, have you ever gone against your conscience?

Where did your conscience come from?

Is your conscience merely the effect of electro chemical connections switching in a certain pattern in your brain?

Or does God actually exist?


What we are when we’re alone, that’s our true self.

That’s the self which God sees and no one else does.


The best is yet to come for the follower of Jesus. A gross understatement.


How much influence does Jesus have on the way we live?


Christian, here’s something to chew on.

List all the reasons WHY Jesus gave you the Holy Spirit.

Does our life represent WHY He gave us the Holy Spirit?


When ANYONE is lied about, will you defend them, regardless of who they are?

Maybe? Maybe not?

Maybe real character is hard to find?


Money won’t matter and money won’t help when you breathe your last breath.


Washed clean by Jesus’ blood.

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