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One tiny, tiny rock floating in a massive Universe, but a lot happening down here on this rock.

Its Creator has a purpose.

Jesus Christ is the center of that purpose.


All religions are essentially the same in respect of teaching a moral code and trying to make people better.

But how many Saviors do you know?

Out of all these religions name some Saviors who have the authority to forgive your sins and the power to make you a new person and give you eternal life?

Fair question?


Trump signs “Born Alive” executive order.

Would you consider for a moment how depraved a society has become that a President has to sign an order to prevent someone murdering a living person who survives a murder attempt?

We’re not taking “politics” anymore.

You might call yourself a Christian, but what good is that if you’re a depraved sicko?


The greatest threat to the wicked human race is Jesus Christ, Himself.

Read the Book of Revelation.


The need of the hour is to seek God’s face.


Disciple, Jesus promised to take care of you forever. That’s it.


If man can get into right standing with God by trying to keep the Ten Commandments or by his sincerity or religious devotion then Jesus didn’t need to suffer and die on the Cross.

Galatians 2:21

Romans 3:20-31

Romans 4:1-8


One step closer to the Antichrist: Pope gets a conbinrd Mosque/Church/Synagogue built in Abu Dhabi.


Christian, if you were put in solitary confinement for 10 years for your faith, would you be happy in there with Jesus, and fulfill your ministry by praying for your brothers and sisters?


Prayer is a spiritual connection between us and the Throne of God and with all the people we pray for, and it is the most vital connection.


Cults only exist by drawing unsaved people together.

If they were saved there would be no reason to have a Cult in the first place.

If you’re saved you would not join a cult.

They offer salvation, but you are already saved, so you don’t need to join.


Peace is not a philosophical thing or just an emotion, it is to know that God has forgiven you everything through the death of His Son Jesus when you truly trusted Him to save you.


Never make fun of a blind man, spiritual or physical.


You know satire is cutting close to the edge when people mistake it for real life.

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