Prayer for Mr Trump

Advice to Donald Trump.

I’m praying that your life will reflect your confessed Christian faith, as we pray the same for ourselves and for all Christians.

I’m praying God will teach you where you have been wrong, and misrepresented Him, and you will have the grace to confess it publicly in true humility.

I’m praying you will understand WHY you didn’t win with a landslide.

I’m praying God give you wisdom as to what He wants you to do.

I’m praying you will have a common wisdom as to how your actions or demeanor is percieved by the mainstream. For example, it’s good to show what you believe. Get out and spend time with minorities, with the poor, with the disenfranchised, and those who don’t understand you.

I’m praying God give you a clarity and wisdom to articulate the Christian stance on all the issues facing society. Christians who vote for you expect this.

I’m praying you can communicate the Biblical principles which protect the genuine rights of all people, even the rights of unbelievers or atheists, or the blatantly immoral.

I’m praying you won’t take the bait any more and return insult for insult. That you will know when to speak and when to ignore.

Ignore ignorant people. Don’t lower yourself to their level.

I’m praying you will have the wisdom to know which of your spiritual advisors are gold diggers, and which are genuine.

Let’s pray.

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