Today’s Tweets

Christ becomes more real.

The world becomes more empty.


When people conduct crime they usually try and avoid contact with the police.

Similarly, when people are living in sin they usually try and avoid God, or.. create a new god who is okay with their sin and won’t call it sin.


What is our role in the world?

We are merely signposts.

And Jesus is the destination.


Whom do you go to for help?

Who do you go to first?


“Skating around the truth”


(Thanks to Todd Friel for expanding my vocabulary)

VERY relevant to today.


Jesus Christ is the ultimate reality, and the only reality that matters.


A political party wants everyone investigated except their own members.


The donations determine the path which “follow the science” will follow.


Cults are not merely wrong on a technicality, they are a demonic power and stronghold. To be set free from a cult is to be delivered from demonic forces and their delusion.

The New Testament warns of “doctrines of demons” , and this means demons created those doctrines, teach those doctrines, and hold people under their power by those doctrines. It’s not merely an intellectual mistake.


To twist the scripture is a reprobate act in itself, separate or apart from the actual doctrine concerned.

So they are wrong on two counts, wrong doctrinally, and wrong for the act of twisting scripture, which is to pervert the truth, which is very serious.


In the book of Revelation we see men cursing God for the heat.

They are not cursing global warming, they are blaming God.

At least they got it right as to the source.


At least we should try and understand people’s points of view, and even if we can’t, at least we tried.

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